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Anyone have a manifest.bml file for Powerfest 94 for Higan v106???

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So I'm in a bit of a weird spot right now lol.

I have the files for SNES Campus Challenge and Powerfest 94 and I'm trying to get them both to work on the same version of Higan (v106). Powerfest will work on Higan v094 just fine but wont on v106 because of the way the files are named (I know what I need to rename them too, but I don't have a proper manifest bml so it's no use). While Campus Challenge I have a newer manifest for it (and renamed the files to match) so it works fine on v106 but not on v094 lol.

Long story short, I was wondering if someone has the proper manifest for Powerfest 94 on Higan v106 so I can have both games on one version of Higan.

Thanks 🙂 

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