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My FIRST modest trade list~ a few games, some guides, some promo items


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Hi all,

I'm still kinda new here so I'm using this list to test the waters around here. I really like what I've seen so far, as I was on NA before this and it reminds me of it a lot.

I don't expect a lot of this to be of any interest to anyone, but I hope maybe some people will be interested at least. In terms of trades - I like collecting game soundtracks (especially on vinyl), Sega Saturn and Sega CD games, but really I'll look at anything you want to show. Any questions, feel free to contact me! 


Anyhoo, currently, I'm making available:



PS1 - Gunfighter: The Legend of Jesse James (black label complete)

PS2 - Madden 2005 Collector's Edition (has original case and slipcover but no manual)

PS2 - Resident Evil 4 (disc only GH - honestly this is so beat up you can just have it for shipping if you ask)

DS - Drawn to Life: The Next Chapter (loose)

NES - Gyromite (loose, 5 screw)

PC - Angry Birds Trilogy (sealed)

Genesis - Battleship (CIB)


Strategy Guides: (all new unless noted)

Call of Duty 3

Grand Theft Auto: Liberty City Stories

Super Paper Mario  (Prima edition, has old price sticker and a circular stain on the cover)


Promotional Items:

2020 Bethesda Days King Svargrim Collectible Coins (2 available)



2020 Bethesda Days Hot-Blooded Bantam Guar pet codes (1 pc, 1 ps4, obviously unused - will either send the code digitally or mail you the card, your choice)



2018 McDonald's Nintendo Promotional Standee with all original toys


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