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Who wants some super cheap Dreamcast guns? All tested, most working, some in need of repair, all 100% gah-run-teed to work as long as your system is fully functional (and they're not busted)!


Hais DC Mini Guns - $7 each, they all have functioning buttons, triggers, and autofire switches but they have some yellowing, the D-Pad is tough / you have to press hard on them to move cursors and have other issues. They are:

Gun 1: Having vibration turned on makes the gun disconnect from the system;
Gun 2: The vibration works, but it gets squeaky if it goes on for too long.
Gun 3: The gun tends to disconnect if you pull the cable a bit (has issue in the plug end of the cable.)
Gun 4: Low powered vibration.

Here's a photo of their size so you can compare it against other DC guns:


They do not have a memory card port, so I suggest using them as a 2P gun (or to dual wield, heh.)


Unknown brand DC gun: Perfectly working buttons and triggers, but the plastic is funny in the sense that if kinda... squeaks when you hold it? It's hard to explain. These also have a very fast autofire mode. $10 each or both for $17.

Mad Catz DC gun: Works perfectly but is not mint, has yellowing due to age, a few scuffs and needs cleaning. This seems to sell for $30 or more on eBay, but you can have it for $15.


3x BROKEN Starfire Lightblaster guns - $20 for all three
The Starfire Lightblaster seems to be considered the best available gun for the system, BUT, it has a design flaw that causes the triggers to stop working after a few years. They can be repaired via some 3D printer and switch mods, which could be bought on eBay for a low price (or made by you!) but the repair requires a level of skill I don't have... So instead I'd like to sell them off to someone who can repair these. 🙂 The buttons and D-Pad worked fine, and of course, I can't test the autofire switches, but they worked the last time I used them. The other Yobo gun is also non functional, I'm not sure what's up with it, and I can include it for free if you want to tinker around with it. Maybe it's a really simple fix.

As always, shipping is extra on top of the item's price. PM me if you want to buy something and we can work out a shipping cost. I ship from 92231 (Calexico, CA, US of A) and prefer to use Priority Mail Flat Rate boxes to save on shipping on heavier items (because Parcel Post is a scam.) If you buy several items I will lower the price, too! I want all of these out of the house.

I'm not looking for trades at the moment, I'm selling these to buy storage bins for my forthcoming move.


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