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Pokémon PC Master demo CD-ROM


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I bought this game from Surugaya online about a year ago. I couldn't find much information about it, but according to the Lost Media Wiki , it was an educational game for kids to learn computer skills. The thing is, both the demo and the full version were released exclusively online, and both the back of the sleeve and the CD itself feature the text "NOT FOR SALE" (different from the "not for resale" found on other demo software indeed sold to stores), which supports the fact that it has never been officially sold. Does anyone know how and who was this demo (体験版) CD distributed to, and whether it would be valuable should more people know about it?

Also, I've learned that The Pokémon Learning Company (the game's publisher) was a short-lived joint venture created by The Pokémon Company and NEC for the sole purpose of publishing this game. Maybe it's feasible to directly ask people who worked on the game, if the forum members can't provide much information about it?




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