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DCHDMI-modded Dreamcast system with controller/cables


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SOLD to sparksterz

- DCHDMI: Adds a mini-HDMI port to the system, can upscale to multiple resolutions from 480p to 1080p, and supports a number of visual features like BOB de-interlacing. The DCHDMI menu can be accessed via the controller combo L + R + X + A + Start, along with the in game reset function.

- Replaced old fan with a much quieter Noctua NF-A4x10,  3D-printed fan mount, and redesigned lid latch connector.

- Replaced the old battery with a battery holder and new ML2032 rechargeable battery.

- Reflowed solder joints on all the controller ports, and replaced the controller fuse with a Polyswitch Resettable Fuse to prevent shorts when plugging/unplugging controllers when the system is on.

System still has the stock optical drive (which reads both original discs and backups), but I can also install an SD card drive replacement of your choice (GDEMU or USB-GDROM) before sending it if you want.






Dreamcast Noctua Fan Install.jpg



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