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Hey all, 

I figured I'd post a thread about my prototypes and leave it open to showing yours off since my other prototype thread got more replies than I expected.

(Box isn't letting me embed them and they're too big for a total size to embed here directly, sorry)

Here are mine: 


a few discs and a couple Dev UMDs.(title fights disc is more or less a placeholder as I'm not taking pictures of my dev consoles for this thread.

(discs are: a title fight disc I burned using data found on a PS3 and my video documentation, XGRA, Capcom vs SNK 2 (final?) and Shin Megami Tensei: Nocturne localization disc, TWELVE: warriors of the sengoku, and ape escape big mission (final?)



heavy rain coming soon case


The inside of the heavy rain case with silver disc and a retail manual/origami slip.(its retail to the bit sadly)


Chrono Trigger Prerelease


Romancing Saga and Seiken Densetsu 3 prereleases


A few PSP cases with prototype games in them.


Parappa version 0.2


Jeanne D arc prototype disc with retail japanese case and manual.


Ape escape on the loose v 0.16 prototype with US manual and case.


Ape escape big mission prototype disc, japanese case and manual.


piposaru war prototype disc(final?) v.0.003 and case and manual.


Shin Megami Tensei Devil Children GBA prototypes with the serial F01 and F03

They are book of fire and book of ice.


Devil Children Very very early prototype for book of fire.(9 months early at least)


Another pair of Book of fire and book of ice.


A GBA prototype called "Project Alpha" which is vaporware.


A Devil Children Dark Demo cartridge.


If anyone wants to, feel free to show off your prototypes,(in a better format than mine I hope) and lets get this thread going 🙂

(if not....well...that's fine too I guess... 😞  )

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