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SNES Kiosk - using external sound with replacement TV

Jae Smith

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I have been trying to figure out a way to get the external sound to work with a replacement TV in my snes kiosk. It works perfectly with the scart cable that came with the kiosk, but because the monitor is toast there was no video. I ordered a red/white audio in adapter to Euro scart, then another euro scart to jp-21 adapter off of the retro gaming cables website. My idea was to have the audio going to the board, but leaving the yellow video free to go to the TV. Got it all hooked up, no sound, hooked the scart cable back up that came with the kiosk perfect external sound. Anyone have any thoughts, advice or other solutions they have found?



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Forgot to do a follow up. I had to rewire the RCA adapter to reverse the output input direction as the one I bought was red/white out rather than in despite what the sticker says on it. It all works perfectly now, so the audio goes to the kiosk, while the video to a small 13" tv making the TV interchangeable on the kiosk if it ever dies in the future. This setup can work with any regular SNES cable, RCA, s-video, Scart w/audio breakouts or HD retrovision cables if a small TV has component inputs. You don't need to worry about the special scart or DB9 cables the kiosk comes with as well as they are bypassed. I'm not an expert, just a lot of fumbling to find a solution so there might be a better way I just never found it. All in cost me $40 for the 2 adapters, the retrogaming one being the bulk of that.

Link to the Euro to JP-21 adapter

EuroSCART to Japanese 21 pin JP21 adapter ntsc rgb21 (retrogamingcables.co.uk)

Any RCA adapter will do as long as you can open it to rewire the connection if needed. It took me 2 minutes with no solder skills.

This will probably work as well for the audio in hindsight, but I never tried it.

Switched SCART to composite video adapter (retrogamingcables.co.uk)


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