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The 2020 Backlog Challenge for Extra Life


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So, I decided that I wanted to start a little personal challenge that I would clear through my backlog of games. I am including everything up to PS2, and PC.

What I was thinking was that everyone who wanted to maybe join in and stream their progress online would be awesome. I wanted to take any "tips" I got from this, and donate it to Extra Life.

The challenge is simple: Put together a list of games you want/need to beat/clear so that you can get them out of your backlog. Once you beat something, put the date you started, and then the date you completed. Maybe put a counter up, 01/??. This is just a friendly idea I had, and wanted to share it here and see if maybe we can get a Extra Life team started.


My Twitch is twitch.com/TheFluffyGamer (8bithustler was taken, and I am fluffy so it fit.) Currently, I am running through:


Front Misson

Final Fantasy V

River City Ransom

Castlevania II

Mike Tyson's Punch Out


Live A Live

Tales of Phantasia

Dragon Warrior 2/3/4


If anyone is interested reach out to me at bmrose1984@gmail.com. Also post here, I will try to keep up on this as much as I can.


Thanks guys,



Brandon R.

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