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Wanted: NES manuals, Genesis boxes/manuals...also some PAL NES carts


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I will try to update this list as it changes.  I have PayPal and also plenty of trade bait spanning many systems.  Help me complete some cibs eh?  Also, gonna just put this out there but I have about 500 boxed NES games and would be willing to trade a ton of just the boxes towards a loose copy of Bubble Bath Babes, Peek-a-Boo Poker, Myriad 6-in-1, or Cheetahmen 2. 

Here is my want list at the moment:

NES manuals:
All-Pro Basketball
Castle of Dragon
Death Race (need an AGC sleeve too)
F-117A Stealth Fighter
Greg Norman Golf Power
Ultima Warriors of Destiny
Untouchables black


GENESIS manual only:

Arrow Flash
Chester Cheetah Too Cool
Chiki Chiki Boys
Death and Return of Superman
Grind Stormer
Rolling Thunder 3
Saturday Night Slam Masters
Shadow Blasters
Task Force Harrier

Box only:
Beyond Oasis (just the slip would be fine)
Space Invaders '91
Rastan Saga 2

Box/manual (or just another cib if price is right):
Air Buster
Dashin' Desperadoes
El Viento
McDonald's Treasureland
Mega Turrican
Mystical Fighter
Skeleton Krew
Syd of Valis
Vapor Trail



Also gonna put my list of wanted PAL NES exclusives right here, just in case.  Looking for cart only:

NES PAL exclusives (PAL B preferred)
Aussie Rules Footy
Banana Prince
Devil World
Formula One Sensation
International Cricket
Mario Bros. (Classic Series)
Mr. Gimmick!
Noah's Ark
Over Horizon
Rod Land
Trolls in Crazyland

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