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PS3+350$ for an rvt-r that looks like a wii retail unit?


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hihi, so....

As of the last year I've gotten into collecting prototype games and consoles.

I've gotten some GBA games prototypes, a couple GBA vapourware, 3 ps3 dev units. 2 3000A units and 1 2500A.

The 2500A had playstation title fight on it, and the other 2 didn't have anything.

Whats more, these particular ps3 3000A units are flabergastingly rare. So rare that I've only even heard of 9 of them on the planet, and I'm the person who discovered this ps3 type designated as a "dtcpipdevdex" unit

I was presented with the opportunity to get a wii dev unit, an RVT-R unit. Usually, those are green, but this one is JUST like a retail unit, to the point where I'd think it'd be a retail unit if not for stickers that say "RVT-READER" and "demonstration only" as well as the sellers reputation.

The seller wants me to send him a ps3 dtcpipdevdex unit and 350$ cash.

This unit may be one of a kind. Does this sound like a fair trade if that ps3 is laying around anyway?

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