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[ENDED] New Nintendo 3DS in box


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Up for auction is the New Nintendo 3DS seen in the photos.  Just to be clear, the system is called New Nintendo 3DS, but it's not new as in unused 😛  The AR cards and mini SD are included, but the stylus is not.  A charger is included as well as the white faceplates, so hopefully those bonuses make up somewhat for the lack of stylus.  Let me know if you have any questions!

Starts at $100 with free shipping in the US.
Ends Friday, December 13, 8pm VGS time.DSCN3459.thumb.JPG.1f59c81d03196f7f89afb48170a3c6b8.JPGDSCN3458.thumb.JPG.fe3ef83c74a53990206e902dc236f0aa.JPGDSCN3457.thumb.JPG.3a0a7ce0bc330b1508926819f4ae1b23.JPGDSCN3461.thumb.JPG.c54a7ddc7b23815036699989cfb082f5.JPGDSCN3460.thumb.JPG.5d8c4859c42883eb85136d9380c2fe75.JPG

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