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VGC Online Second run Sega CD, Saturn, PlayStation replacement "long box" game cases review

Sega Genesis Sage

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Haven't seen anyone else talking about these, so I thought I'd give it a shot. Mods, please feel free to merge topics if I'm mistaken.

First, I'd like to say that I bought these myself, I wasn't provided with these by anyone or asked or prompted by anyone to do a review.

The cases in question are available here: https://www.amazon.com/dp/B07GBMRQJW/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_apa_i_Ov04DbGFVC09P

It's worthy to note that I had some hands on time with the first run cases, and found them to be quite subpar. These, however, are the exact opposite. Let me explain. 

Most importantly, they hold together tightly, just as tight, if not maybe slightly tighter than OEM cases. In hand, they feel extremely similar to the real deal. The feel and creak of the plastic and the way the cases snap together is extremely satisfying. They really nailed it. The edges of the cases feel ever so slightly sharper than OEM cases, but that could just be because the OEM cases are 25 years old. But the fact alone that these feel and lock together so incredibly well makes them worthy replacements. 

But their attention to detail goes beyond just a superficial examination. The hole size/spacing is so accurate, you can actually swap parts with the OEM cases. These cases are based on the Sega CD ones, which have slightly smaller holes and pegs on the hinges, but they match well enough that you can just pop a new door (the most frequently broke part) onto an otherwise OK OEM case.

Picture here with VGC case on top, Saturn on bottom, and Sega CD in the middle:  


You can pop in the CD tray from an OEM case and it fits pretty much perfectly. The CD trays that come with the cases are much better than revision 1 - they're dark gray instead of being black, and the color almost matches OEM cases exactly. But if you're extremely picky and have an eye for these things, you'll notice that the grain of the plastic is slightly off, and that the Compact Disc logos are missing. Not a big deal at all, but worth noting.

Picture here of OEM Saturn tray on bottom, VGC case on top:



The only fit issue I had was trying to fit a VGC Online tray into an OEM Saturn case, but that was only because I was assembling leftover pieces, not an issue I see people running into on the regular.

Of course, original manuals and back artwork fit into the cases perfectly, and I had no problems with the games I tried. Here's a pic of Tomcat Alley with the OEM try and VGC Online case:


The only potential issue that I can see turning people off is that when you have these on a shelf, the ridged tops of the replacement VGC online cases don't match the cloudiness of the OEM cases exactly. The VGC Online cases are crystal clear, while the OEM cases are slightly cloudy. Not sure if this is due to age or what. But either way, it's a very minor nitpick, but I thought again worth mentioning. 

Here's a pic of what I mean, with Tomcat Alley in the middle having a replacement case:


These are sent out in packs of 10, and all 10 I received were unbroken and scratch free, which is quite impressive considering how fragile the original ones are. These are individually wrapped in a thin plastic baggie, which is then wrapped in a bubble wrap bag, and put into a cardboard box. Amazon just slapped a shipping label onto that box, which had me slightly worried, but they arrived safely. 





Overall, these are absolutely fantastic, and will make your games look like new. It's very satisfying to revitalize some old games, without having to cannibalize parts. VGC Online has done a very big service for the community with these. I could see some potential minor improvements with a V3, but not much. Must be why LRG hasn't released their cases yet, they probably can't compete on quality. 

The only question I have now is where can I download and print replacement inserts for my disc only games?


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