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NES Console Serial Number questions

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I've been curious lately if there was ever good information matching up ranges of serial numbers with PCB board revisions (NES-CPU-0X).  I know that "dating" the consoles can best be done by looking at the chips themselves, but in this case I'm more interested in this for shopping reasons.  Online sellers rarely show pictures of boards and in-person sellers highly object to letting you disassemble their stock in front of them.  In this case, having a quick go-to like this could save people trying to buy a specific NES revision a lot of time.

Anyone with some information regarding this would be a big help!  Here's my own for example.  It's an NES-CPU-04 and it's SN is N1364815 .

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I had a devil of a time finding any such serial number list, but I've managed to put together the start of my own to narrow down expected ranges:


With what I scraped together so far, I think it's enough to inform anyone shopping online of just what board revision can be expected based solely on the serial number, barring a board swap.

I'll summarize here, but it's still somewhat rough and incomplete.  I'm giving rounded minimum ranges.

01 - Earliest run, likely between 0000001 and 0055000
02 - No data
03 - Between 0150000 and 0210000
04 - Between 0450000 and 1400000
05 - No data
06 - No data
07 - Between 3400000 and 14200000
08 - Between 15500000 and 17800000

09 - Between 18300000 and 21000000

10 - Between 22300000 and 27500000
11 - Between 29300000 and 33800000

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