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IntelliVision Super Pro System with Tutorvision components


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I gotta do the shameless plug here, I have an IntelliVision Super Pro System on eBay. The system works well with the game I tested (both controllers work). 

I spent some time on the Atari Age forum and found out this Super Pro has most of the Tutorvision components. I know there likely are more IntelliVision collectors on Atari Age, but just wanted the word out in case anyone here may want to take a look. 

eBay item # 293337803754


If this is of interest to anyone, I would gladly answer as many questions as I can and send as many pics as I can. As far as Tutorvision components, it has the INTV 1988 motherboard, the updated graphics chip and the updated GROM. It has the original EXEC (not the Tutor update).


This item was discussed ad nauseum on this forum  starting on page 11 https://atariage.com/forums/topic/270315-tutorvision-games-interest-check/page/12/#comments



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