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Tdub21's Out in the Wild Finds in Australia


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Hi All,

Thought I might document my finds out and about or on FB Marketplace. My whole collection is built from finding things either out in Op Shops (Thift Stores), Flea Markets and FB Marketplace. I've been doing this along time and had been taking screenshots/photos everytime I get a nice pickup.


To Start I'll post my most recent and one of my best finds last Friday Night off FB Marketplace a good Hour and Half each way to pickup.

112 Sega Master System games a ton of Variants (European ones) only 4 games missing manuals.

I asked him where he got them as I was curious to how he got almost a complete set of 3 different Variants.

So he got this tub and a NES tub in a Storage Auction he deals in Scrap metal and Car parts and that's all he could see but found the two tubs hidden after getting in there.

He was happy to get rid of them all in one go instead of piecing it all out. He was asking $15 each but I got them for 1k (Australian Dollars) which is around $650 US

*note I didn't get the NES games as he wanted $20 each and nothing really stood out except megaman 4, I was going to have a look through them when I arrived but sold the lot while I was on my way.

Sega Game Lot.JPG

Sega Game Pickup ad.jpg

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