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Gamecube FIFA World Cup Germany 06 (Mexico / LATAM Spanish variant) - SOLD


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Well, no one bid on it, and I need this to move ASAP, so...









The item is complete in its original packaging, and includes its original manual and consumer warning insert. The case also has its original FIFA sticker on the front!
As you can see from the photos I posted, the product code on the disc is DL-DOL-G6GE-MSA. I've also posted a picture of the laser-etched ringcode that has this same text on it. This is a genuine game that I bought at a store in Mexico. The artwork is also almost the same as the normal US release, but the barcode on the back is different.
Unfortunately, this package is not mint. There are several issues which I will detail below:
  • The case itself needs a good cleaning, it's got wear and tear from storage;
  • The case artwork has a bit of wear in the back, on the bottom (this can be seen in the photo.) It's also a bit worn from age;
  • The disc itself is moderately scratched, but worked fine and never gave me trouble when I used it.
  • The store I bought this from placed a sticker on the label. They claimed it was for a "store warranty" so I never touched the sticker. I never attempted to remove it.
Please note that this game does not have any English text option. It is completely in Spanish. The game will not boot in English regardless of the language you set on the system. The game appears to be exactly the same as the normal version, except for that.
I'm asking for $33 Shipped within the USA. I can only accept Goods and Services PayPal, not F&F, nor any other payment methods (my bank doesn't support them.)
Item has been sold!
Please send me a message if you're interested in buying this. Thank you.
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Item sold
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