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Region Modded, AV Modded, RGB Modded Turbografx 16 CD System


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Hi guys! I know I have a regular sale thread but I didn’t want this to get lost with the rest of my stuff as it is a very special system! Hope that is OK!

I have a Turbografx 16 CD system that includes all the hookups, an RGB cable, one controller, and CD and Super CD Cards!


The Turbografx 16 is not only AV modded but region modded as well that works with the simple flip of a switch! 

The Turbo CD is RGB modded and the needed cable is included!


System is in beautiful working shape and the CD is super clean! 

Looking for $1200 shipped to the US! I would be willing to take up to $200 in trade to bring the price down a bit, but the rest I will need in payment although I wanted to add if you have a non working (but good condition) T-16 with non working controller, I would be willing to take $150 off the price in trade for that (In addition to the $200 in other trade potentially taking this package down to $850 for you!)  :) Thanks for looking









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