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FS: Sealed Battle Monsters (US Saturn), sealed PS1 game lot, and my PS SNK Collection


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I'm selling off my console game collection but I figured some folks here might be interested in these items in particular.



Battle Monsters (Saturn) sealed with original hangtab: $120 plus shipping, item will be sent in a box big enough to hold it and with lots of padding


Set of six sealed PS1 games - all are still sealed in their original wrap and have the security seals, but they have damaged cases (cracks) or stickers / sticker remnants: $30 plus shipping








My entire SNK PS1 and 2 collection - it pains me to do this but I really need to raise some funds to get a phone (long story...) This is my entire SNK collection, and I'm throwing in the manual and back art for two games too. All discs, cases, art and manuals are in great shape (a couple of discs have light scratches), except for the case for Fatal Fury Battle Archives 2, which is one of those cheap late PS2 cases that are really crappy and is broken (I bought this new and it arrived this way.) Samurai Shodown Anthology is the Canadian release with two manuals. I have no idea how to price this so please feel free to send offers.

I ship from Southern California. Any listed prices do not include shipping costs (they vary depending on your chosen shipping service), and only accept PayPal or USPS Money Orders. I have lots of feedback on eBay and GameTZ and can be shown on request.

Thank you for looking.

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