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FT: Project 3DO FZ10 console and 2 games for Wii U games


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So I recently purchased  a 3DO FZ-10 Console was informed it was in working condition. When I justed tested it with 2 authentic games. It keeps getting "insert disc" and access to the memory manager when a disc is clearly in it.  I can't say for sure exactly what is wrong. I am going to grease up the gears here and see if that fixes it as FZ-10's are pretty reliable. It has 2 games with cases and manuals. KIlling time and long box of "Escape from ghost manor" It also has a brand new pro controller, and when I say brand new, I mean I just unsealed a brand new 30 year old controller and never used it yet. It's kinda hard to price this as its current state vs is if I can fix it and not wanting to lose more money out of it. So offering it now in the as is "project" state. Working on consoles isn't my wheel house. So ill say roughly put trade value around $100ish range for it all, unless I get it fixed so seeing what interest this might have as is for now. Here is a small but not complete list of Wii U games im looking for . I can possibly add cash or more stuff on my end for the more pricey stuff.


Twilight Princess HD


Book of unwritten tales 2

Game and Wario

Mighty number 9

Croods: prehistoric Party

Turbo: super stunt squad

Mario party 10.

Devils Third

Axiom Verge


Hello Kitty Kruisers

Nes Remix 1 and 2


Shovel Night

Shakedown hawaii

s-l1600 (1).jpg


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Update. I tookl the system apart. Not an expert but the caps look fine, everything seems to be working except after greasing the track it doesn't go up all the way. Im guessing its a broken gear. I know they sell replacements for $8 so might see how hard that is to swap out.

Will sell or trade the games and controller separate if interested. for $80 Shipped for the bundle.

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