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VGS Weekly Contest - Tournament Final Round - Balloon Fight


Event details

It is the MOMENT OF TRUTH! The event all of you have been waiting for.

Our 12 valiant players will have to prove their skills to determine who will emerge victorious and claim the honour and laurels of being THE FIRST VGS WEEKLY CONTEST TOURNAMENT CHAMPION!

In order to claim such HONOUR, our mighty warriors will have to compete on BALLOON FIGHT!
But there is a TWIST! They will have to play both Balloon Fight and Balloon Trip to compose their FINAL SCORE!
Points for this week will be awarded in the following manner:

Balloon Fight:
1st - 30
2nd -  27
3rd - 26
4th - 25
5th - 24
6th - 22
7th - 16
8th - 15
9th - 14
10th - 13
11th - 12
12th - 11

Balloon Trip :
1st - 15
2nd - 13
3rd - 12
4th - 11
5th - 10
6th - 8

The rules for Balloon Fight are:

  • Play 1 player mode
  • Play till you reach phase 13 or lose your first life, whichever happens first
  • Take your picture at the start of phase 13 or right after losing your first life
  • Point pressing is allowed
  • Highest score wins

The rules for Balloon Trip are:

  • Play Balloon Trip mode
  • Play till game over
  • Take your picture at the game over screen or start a new Balloon Trip game and take your picture is your score is the high score
  • Highest score wins


Here's the tournament standing after Round 2 :

1st tablew/chairs 38
2nd bertsampson 36
3rd skinnygrinny 34
4th Richardhead 22
5th 8bitdontquit 18
6th mbd39 18
7th JamesRobot 16
8th SuperJimtendo 10
9th Ausden 8
10th barrels 6


It will be a very tough and cutthroat final round with the defending champion bertsampson standing in second position, only two points shy away from the very stoic and constant competitor tablew/chairs. Let's not forget skinnygrinny, aka 'the third place prince', who's sitting comfortably in his position of predilection, but with every intent to climb those last hurdles and have a shot to win it all this year!

The gap is considerable between these hard knuckles and the following gentlemen leaded by former 2016 champion Richardhead in 4th place, but there is still plenty of points to grab on the table (not on chairs though), and we shouldn't disregard the possibility of one of these fellows causing a surprise by grabbing up to 45 points in the final round, which could make a difference in the higher ranks finish.

Best of luck to everyone and may the best player wins!

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