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  • Mona and the Witch's Hat Deluxe

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    What a peaceful day! As the sun sets and the moon begins to shine its light over the village, a young witch finishes her busy day of potion making by hanging her hat and going to bed. Her cat, Mona, doesn't want to go to bed though. She's more interested in the treats the Witch left out! But things don't go as planned when the Witch's hat falls on Mona's head and everything comes to life. Now she has to turn everything back to normal!

    Mona and the Witch's Hat Deluxe is a homebrew game made for the Game Boy Color, and is a remake of the original Mona and the Witch's Hat from 2018. This "Deluxe" or "DX" version of Mona and the Witch's Hat features a brand new soundtrack, full color graphics, and new animations. It features the same four levels as the original version, and can be completed in about 20 minutes.

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