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Asteroids [Atari 2600]




Rolled the score on Asteroids [Atari 2600] for game variation 1/B/B.

Asteroids is a staple among classic space-shooters, but I’d never spent much time with it before - maybe because it demands that you rotate to aim your shot rather than offering a fixed-direction attack like most of its contemporaries (i.e. Space Invaders). The gameplay is definitely fun, though - and it’s always satisfying to decimate a blanket of huge space-rocks at the start of each new wave.

I managed to roll the score-counter with the coward’s method of staying planted center-screen and defending my perimeter, relying on the 5000-point bonus lives to make up for inevitable collisions. And I ignored the warping / thrust mechanics altogether, as they generally sent me careening into one asteroid for the sake of dodging another.

Variation 1 A/A is also neat, since it introduces enemy UFOs that shoot back at you - but I can’t survive very long against them. I want to spend more time improving my score on this setting, too. This is one of those titles that can easily catch you in the "just one more try" snare.


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