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Cotton 100% [Super Famicom]




Played through Cotton 100% [Super Famicom].
It's rare that I find a classic game too lenient in its beginner settings, but Cotton 100% actually made me feel like some kind of gaming-prodigy when I played it on easy-mode with extra lives/continues. I was able to credit-feed my way to the end in a single attempt, but at the expense of really learning the enemy patterns or mastering the mechanics.

Cutesy scrolling shoot-em-ups like this are always charming (if surprisingly lewd at times), and I enjoyed blasting Jack-O-Lanterns and dodging knomes, but I think I need to try the game again without such weighty kid-gloves to find satisfaction beyond just the aesthetics here.

Cotton 100% is still a great game, though, especially if you like prototypical anime-style fantasy stuff. The story from the cutscenes might even be good, too, but I wouldn't know since I can't read Japanese...



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