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Game Boy Advance Video Game Master Set



This is the complete Game Boy Advance Video Game Master Set:

  1. 4 Game Boy Advances/Game Boy Advance SP's/Game Boy Micros (any colors)
  2. Game Boy Advance Link Cable
  3. 4 Game Boy Advance Wireless Adapters
  4. 4 pairs of Game Boy Advance SP Headphones
  5. 4 Game Boy Advance SP Controller Grips
  6. 4 Game Boy Advance SP Stereo Speakers
  7. Game Boy Micro Link Cable
  8. 4 118–in–1 Game Boy Advance Nintendoverse game paks
  9. 4 Game Boy Advance game pak cases
  10. 4 Nintendo e–Readers
  11. Game Boy Advance/Game Boy Advance SP/Game Boy Micro instruction manual
  12. Game Boy Advance Consumer Information and Precautions booklet
  13. Game Boy Advance manual bag

Edited by Mario_Friend1982
Changed Video Game Master games to Nintendoverse games.


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