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Work In Progress: Complete List of NA(US) Game Boy Cartridge Variants

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I ran this thread on NintendoAge, so I'm restarting it here.  The idea is if you find an unknown variant for a Game Boy cartridge, please post it here.  I manage a publicly viewable, Google Sheets Doc

I think I solved the Mouse trap hotel Electrobrain only cart issue. Though it does raise a question why the R release before the TM release? So Electrobrain released this game first for MB. Then MB re

Game Name Serial Number Revision Number Error? Player's Choice? NFR? 4 in 1 Funpak DMG-F4-USA-1 1

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47 minutes ago, samsamsamsmasmasma said:

Its a deep dive of my games and also all current ebay auctions. I was still thinking about going back through the sold listings, gameboy database, and a couple of other places to check for something different but haven't done that yet.

Ahh,  for me unless its in hand i don't count. its best to just count what is in hands ie @samsamsamsmasmasma, @JVOSS, @Splain, @RH and a few other before we go explore the "unverified" carts.

IMO this is how we end up with a list like @Mario_Friend1982 list of some thing? and @creepsthething mockups.

IMO the ones on ebay are not verified as "real" 

IMO as for GB DB that is the last place to verify. Pete has obscured the cart counts so fare left that it's not funny.  don't get me wrong his group has done a bang up job to get the DB up but He is just getting the list and not refining at all.

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3 minutes ago, JVOSS said:

Ahh,  for me unless its in hand i don't count. its best to just count what is in hands ie @samsamsamsmasmasma, @JVOSS, @Splain, @RH and a few other before we go explore the "unverified" carts.

IMO this is how we end up with a list like @Mario_Friend1982 list of some thing? and @creepsthething mockups.

IMO the ones on ebay are not verified as "real" 

IMO as for GB DB that is the last place to verify. Pete has obscured the cart counts so fare left that it's not funny.  don't get me wrong his group has done a bang up job to get the DB up but He is just getting the list and not refining at all.

The only one that I don't currently have in hand is the Dr. Mario variant which is on it's way and I can post a picture when it arrives. The variant was also accounted for on your list as well, so I am assuming you have this one in hand? If you'd like to post a "real" picture of it before than, you're free to do so.

It seems to be a bit paranoid to reject clear photographic evidence of something, but you do you I guess.

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9 minutes ago, JVOSS said:

and injecting false info kills the community effort such as this. a photo is the least likely way to validate so you do you...

You know.. you're right. I should send you my game collection so you can sign off on all of my checklists for me. That way I know for sure what is real. Thanks for being so generous.

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3 hours ago, JVOSS said:

stop being a smart ass!!!!!!

 I mean I could see your point if it was something suspect like a variant that looked fake, or could make someone a lot of money, or didn't follow some kind of trend, or any number of reasons really.

But when there are multiple clear photographic examples of a variant for multiple games from multiple people that you have to be on some spectrum to even notice its existence, and there is a pretty clear production trend... you have to be able to use some kind of discretion.

Literally, the people that designed and implemented the logo change are probably the only other people that aren't on this forum and have read this thread that have ever cared.

I mean, you're free to use however strict of a guideline you want to keep track of your games and determine when you want to explore other aspects of your collection.. but like that's just your opinion, man

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48 minutes ago, samsamsamsmasmasma said:

I mean, you're free to use however strict of a guideline you want to keep track of your games and determine when you want to explore other aspects of your collection.. but like that's just your opinion, man

@samsamsamsmasmasma what your thoughts on the no dash tetris? or the blank tetris(new one yet to be talked about)

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Just found out that there's 2 specific versions of the 1st Players Choice rerelease of Donkey Kong Land 2 (DMG-ADDE-USA-1).

if your copy of DMG-ADDE-USA-1 uses a DMG-DECN-10 PCB (used from 1997 through 1998), then it's from 1998.

BUT, if your copy of DMG-ADDE-USA-1 uses the DMG-DECN-20 PCB, then it's from early to mid-1999. (This was the case for my copy of DMG-ADDE-USA-1, bearing a ROM chipcode of 9934.)

The second revision of the game (DMG-ADDE-USA-2) ALWAYS uses a DMG-DECN-20 PCB, no matter what.

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11 hours ago, JVOSS said:

will if watch the video for the Game Boy introduction you will see the tetris that is placed into the gameboy has no "catalog code"  making this a blank USA game cart for tetris. 


Yes there is, but a blurry VHS rip doesn't show it well.  Watch that portion of the vid frame-by-frame.



This could be a no-dash copy.  My guess has been that the ones with no dashes isn't a typo error but rather an error in setting the kerning on the font.  The hyphens were to low of a width and didn't print, though they were in the text.  IMHO, those no-dashes look like the text is weak to begin with, so in a video like this where it's fast and there's motion blur, it looks like the code isn't present.  But... it was.

Edited by RH
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Another note on the Tetris in that commercial.  The cartridge on the final shot does look like it might not have any serial code, but I don't think that's the case.  I think it just appears to not be present due to the lighting and low video quality.  If you look very, very closely, you can see a faint shadow/darker area but it's not 100% sure.  I think the serial just disappeared do to the setting and not because it's a special blank cartridge.

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1 hour ago, RH said:

Another note on the Tetris in that commercial.  The cartridge on the final shot does look like it might not have any serial code, but I don't think that's the case.  I think it just appears to not be present due to the lighting and low video quality.  If you look very, very closely, you can see a faint shadow/darker area but it's not 100% sure.  I think the serial just disappeared do to the setting and not because it's a special blank cartridge.

That is way cool thanks @RH,  for debunking this one.

@RH, Thoughts on the Brazilian catalog coded / "serial code" USA Carts?  just looking to see if they fit in a sub category of the USA carts or sub category of Brazilian carts.

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1 hour ago, RH said:

Yes there is, but a blurry VHS rip doesn't show it well.  Watch that portion of the vid frame-by-frame.



This could be a no-dash copy.  My guess has been that the ones with no dashes isn't a typo error but rather an error in setting the kerning on the font.  The hyphens were to low of a width and didn't print, though they were in the text.  IMHO, those no-dashes look like the text is weak to begin with, so in a video like this where it's fast and there's motion blur, it looks like the code isn't present.  But... it was.

@RH, are you thinking of excluding the no-dash as a variant?

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2 minutes ago, JVOSS said:

@RH, are you thinking of excluding the no-dash as a variant?

If it was just me, I probably would.  However, I think it was a manufacturing design flaw, and I think it's something they learned by when they saw the text was too light.

With that, I don't call it a "variant" per se, but more of an error, which I do catalog.

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1 minute ago, RH said:

If it was just me, I probably would.  However, I think it was a manufacturing design flaw, and I think it's something they learned by when they saw the text was too light.

With that, I don't call it a "variant" per se, but more of an error, which I do catalog.

so keep it on both tetris list and the variant list?

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5 minutes ago, JVOSS said:

so keep it on both tetris list and the variant list?

Well, it's on my master list here.  Feel free to add it to a Tetris list if you want.  You can make that choice but keep in mind we really can make lists so specific that practically every single game copy is unique.  Maybe not literally, but it wouldn't surprise me if we could find markers and identifiers so specific that we could have variants for every single manufacturing lot.  Is it really worth cataloging details that specific? Not to me, personally.

This is why that even though I set with the goal of cataloging label variations, I excluded the pressed IDs.  I assume those digits are manufacturing line IDs, but I'm not sure.  That's just my guess from working in manufacturing and lot code IDs, and seeing the consistency with GB games, and other Nintendo cartridge games. Regardless, trying to track every print label variation PLUS the pressed ID increases the total amount of carts by a very large magnitude.

I do think it could be fun to track those IDs though, but I would consider that a separate list, especially since the pressed lDs on the cover can also delineate which ROM is on the cartridge.

I know I'm saying a lot about this research but, in my opinion, I think you have to start with a very intentional purpose when making these extremely nuanced lists.  What is the purpose?   What is your goal?  If you make it to broad, you'll end up having many, many spreadsheets and every game has 20-50 variations.  Holy cow! If you love that type of work and going into those details, be my guest.  I'd love to peruse those details and learn from your expertise but for me it's not THAT important.  I'd just like to get a copy of every game and specific label variation.

But, even that's not a perfect goal.  I personally ignore certain variations that come from, say, cases where printers might have had slightly-different shades of one of the CYMK colors causing two labels to look slightly different.  I also don't care if the font weight on the serials is slightly lighter or darker.  That's just minor variation in the manufacturing process, but the end result is the same.  However, we do see this one sole example of Tetris.  This is a case where there is manufacturing variation but it resulted in an error. Since the printing made an error, I count that as a notable error for the list.

That's my personal philosophy of what I'm concerned about.  Again, @JVOSS feel free to manage your lists, even the publicly shared ones, as you see fit.  I like working together with you, and everyone, on these fine details but at the same time, I think it makes sense to have a bit of unified focus on the purpose of this list on this thread.

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this is just what i have found for the NA releases.

take note this is only showing on the 2 player games that have link capabilities.

3 lines (ie 2 player, Linked games) are first print runs.  if they did a second print run they "may have" update to the 2 line version. best example is tetris there are 3 (2 if are not counting the no dash version)  updates before a -1 version.

not all games were update to the 2 line version.  off course there are exceptions like the Nintendo Baseball it was never updated to the 2 lines (that i have found, not to say that did.)


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SNES 49   53,54     Bo Jackson Baseball NES     38     Bomberman II NES     48,78     Bomberman 64 N64 103 104,105       Bonk's Adventure NES 60         Boogerman SNES 78 83 83,87     Boomer's Adventure in Asmik World GB 11   22     Boxxle GB 10 39       Brain Lord SNES 65 67,70       Brainies SNES 86   90     Brandish SNES 71,72 74,88 85     Brawl Brothers SNES     53,85     Breath of Fire SNES 62,70,84 65,66,69       Breath of Fire II SNES 80,81,86 82,83,84,85,86       Brunswick World Tournament of Champions SNES 99         Brutal: Paws of Fury SNES     72     Bubble Bobble NES     6,10,12     Bubble Bobble Part 2 GB 49   53     Bubble Bobble Part 2 NES 50         Bubsy SNES 50   52,53     Bubsy II SNES 70   74,79     The Bugs Bunny Crazy Castle GB   88       Bugs Bunny Rabbit Rampage SNES 57         Bump 'n' Jump NES     49     Burai Fighter NES 12   14     Burai Fighter Deluxe GB 20   26     Bust-a-Move SNES     83     C Cal Ripken Jr Baseball SNES     51     Captain America and 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  Cobra Command NES 3 6       Cobra Triangle NES 6   7,9,11,12     Code Name: Viper NES 12 14       Combatribes SNES     51,52     College Slam GB 83         College Slam SNES 82 93 96     Conquest of the Crystal Palace NES     21,24     Contra NES 1   1,12,22     Contra: The Alien Wars GB 66   68     Contra Force NES 39         Contra III: Alien Wars SNES 33 41 43,66     Cool Spot GB 63         Cool Spot SNES 53         Cool World SNES     52     Cosmo Tank GB     18     Crash 'n' the Boys NES 42         Cruis'n USA N64 88,92 100 94,99     Cruis'n World N64 105         Crystalis NES 14 16,18,20,29, 31, 33, 59, 60 21     Cutthroat Island GB 82 95       Cutthroat Island SNES 82         Cybernator SNES 45   50,76     Cybernoid NES     11     D Daedalian Opus GB 12   20,24     Daffy Duck: The Marvin Missions GB 68 72,86       Daffy Duck: The Marvin Missions SNES 55   63     Darius Twin SNES     31,33     Dark Rift N64 95,98   99,100,103     Darkman NES 27         Darkwing Duck NES 36     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76,95 79 88     Doom 64 N64 94,95,96 99,102 97,98,99,101     Double Dragon NES 1 3 4,5,12     Double Dragon GB 14         Double Dragon II: The Revenge NES 10   11,12,14     Double Dragon V SNES 62   66,68     Dragon: The Bruce Lee Story SNES 76         Dragon Heart GB 85   90     Dragon Hopper VB 86         Dragon Strike NES 37         Dragon Warrior NES 7,8,11 11       Dragon Warrior II NES 27 21,22, 25, 27 23,26     Dragon Warrior III NES 27 34,40,43 44,55     Dragon Warrior IV NES 46 45,56       Dragon's Lair: The Legend GB 20         Dragon Quest SNES 81         Dragon Spirit NES     20     Dragon View SNES   69,82       Drakkhen SNES   34,39       Dr. Chaos NES   7       Dr. Mario NES 18   21     Dual Heroes N64 102         Duck Tales NES 7,8 11 9,10,12,25     Duck Tales GB 18   22,25     Duck Tales II NES 47         The Duel SNES     54     Duke Nukem 64 N64 102,104 103,105       Dungeon Magic NES   20 20     Dungeon Master SNES   54,55,57,58       Dynowarz NES 12   37     E Earth Defense Force SNES     35     Earthbound SNES 70,74,94 76,77,86       Earthbound 64 N64 94         Earthworm Jim GB   84       Earthworm Jim SNES 66,67 70 69,71,72,77     Earthworm Jim 2 SNES 79,80,83 85 80     Elevator Action GB     35     The Empire Strikes Back NES 34 44 41     Equinox SNES 44 48,64 62     E.V.O.: Search for Eden SNES 50 55 54     Extra Innings SNES     35     Extreme-G N64 101   102,103,104,105     Eye of the Beholder SNES 86 87,88       F F-1 Pole Position N64 101         F-1 Race GB     28     F-1 Roc SNES 37 38 38,39, 40, 44     F-1 Roc II SNES     57,67     F-117A Stealth Fighter NES     44     Faceball 2000 GB 30 33 33,35,37     Faceball 2000 SNES     44     Family Feud SNES 51         Faria NES   26,31 37     Fatal Fury Special SNES     76     Fatal Fury 2 SNES 61   62,63     Faxanadu NES 7 9,10 9,10,12     Felix the Cat NES 40         Felix the Cat GB 52         Fester's Quest NES 8         The Fidgets GB 104         FIFA International Soccer SNES     65,77,78     FIFA Soccer 64 N64 94,96 101 98     FIFA Soccer 97 GB 87         FIFA 98 N64 105         Fighter's Destiny N64 104,105         Fighter's History SNES     66     Final Fantasy NES 12,14,16 28 16,20     Final Fantasy II SNES 30 33,35, 37, 44 45     Final Fantasy III SNES 65,66,67,70,85 69,84,87 86     Final Fantasy Adventure GB 28 35,51       Final Fantasy Legend GB   23 18     Final Fantasy Legend II GB 27 36 39,76     Final Fantasy Legend III GB 52 59,62,89,90       Final Fantasy: Mystic Quest SNES 42 45,46,89       Final Fight SNES     30     Final Fight 2 SNES 52   56     Final Fight 3 SNES 80         Fire Emblem SNES 87         Fire 'n' Ice NES 49 50,53 56     Firepower 2000 SNES 44   52,64     Firestriker SNES 61         First Samurai SNES     58     Flashback SNES 56 61,62       Flintstones NES 30         Flintstones SNES 72   84,86     Flintstones: The Surprise at Dinosaur Peak! NES 53         Flintstones: The Treasure of Sierra Madrock SNES 58         Flipper Frenzy SNES 59         Flying Warriors NES     51     Fortified Zone GB 25         Frank Thomas Big Hurt Baseball GB 80         Frantic Flea SNES 82   83,90,92     Friday the 13th NES   7       F-Zero SNES 29,86   32     G Gargoyle's Quest GB 12,50 20,32 38     Gargoyle's Quest II NES 39         Gauntlet II NES 19         Gauntlet II GB 24         Gear Works GB 54         The Getaway GB   83       Ghosts 'n' Goblins NES   1 12     G.I. Joe NES 22         G.I. Joe: The Atlantis Factor NES 33         Godzilla NES     10,12,14     Go! Go! Tank GB     27,29     Gold Medal Challenge NES 38         Goldeneye N64 93,99,100 101,102,103,104,105 101,102,103,104     Golf GB 10   12     Golf VB 76         Golgo 13 NES 2 4 5,6,12     Goonies II NES   31       Goof Troop SNES 51         Gradius NES     3,12,22     Gradius: The Interstellar Assault GB 33         Gradius III SNES     30,32,35, 44, 49     Great Greed GB 48         Gremlins II GB 21         Gremlins II NES 20         Guardian Legend NES     8,10, 12, 22     Guerilla War NES     72     Gun Nac NES   39       Gunsmoke NES     1     Gyruss NES     7,10,12     H Hagane SNES 70         Hal's Hole in One Golf SNES     36     Harvest Moon SNES 93,94,96 95,97,100,102       Heavy Barrel NES     16     Heavy Shreddin' NES     20     Heavyweight Championship Boxing GB   18       Hercules GB 98         Hexen N64 97,98 102 100,101     High Stakes Gambling NES 34         Hoops NES 8         Hudson's Adventure Island NES 5   5,6,12,42     Hunchback of Notre Dame: Topsy Turvy Games GB 94         Hunt for Red October NES     27,38     Hunt for Red October GB 25   29,30     Hydlide NES     11     Hyper Lode Runner GB     12     HyperZone SNES     38     I Ice Hockey NES     1,45     Ignition Factor SNES   71 81     Ikari Warriors NES   1,6       Ikari Warriors II: Victory Road NES     3     Ikari Warriors III: The Rescue NES     27     Illusion of Gaia SNES 61,65,66 67,68,69,70,72       Image Fight NES     20     The Immortal NES 20 23 21,38     Incredible Crash Dummies GB     44     Incredible Crash Dummies NES     48     The Incredible Hulk SNES 70         Indiana Jones' Greatest Adventures SNES 66   76     Indiana Jones and the Last CrusadeUBI) NES 52         Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade GB   94       Infiltrator NES   39       Inindo: Way of the Ninja SNES   51       Inspector Gadget SNES 57   59     Iron Man X-O Manowar in Heavy Metal GB 86         Ironsword NES 9 12 18     J Jack Brothers VB 80   89     Jack Nicklaus Golf GB           Jack Nicklaus Golf SNES           Jackal NES     7     Jackie Chan's Action Kung Fu NES     28     James Bond 007 GB 105         James Bond Jr. NES     47     Jeopardy! SNES 45         Jeopardy! N64 104         Jeopardy! Sports Edition GB 62         Jeep Jamboree GB 38         Jetsons SNES 60         Jetsons: Cogswell's Caper NES 44         Jetsons: Robot Panic GB 40         Jim Power SNES     66     Joe & Mac NES 42         Joe & Mac GB 47         Joe & Mac SNES 34   41     Joe & Mac 2 SNES 60         Journey to Silius NES 12   21     Judge Dredd SNES 74 78 79,80,81,85     Jungle Book GB 62         Jungle Book NES 59 66 68     Jungle Book SNES 62   68,100     Jungle Strike GB     80     Jungle Strike SNES 74   80,82,89     Jurassic Park GB 53   61     Jurassic Park NES 51         Jurassic Park SNES 54 63 62     Jurassic Park 2 GB   74       Jurassic Park 2 SNES     84     Justice League Task Force SNES 72         K Kabuki Quantum Fighter NES 21   28     Karnov NES     12     Ken Griffey Jr Presents Major League Baseball GB 99         Ken Griffey Jr Presents Major League Baseball SNES 59   64     Ken Griffey Jr's Winning Run SNES 84,85 86 88,90     Kenod Rage SNES     55     Kick Master NES 28         Kickle Cubicle NES 16   28,33     Kid Dracula GB 47         Kid Icarus NES   1,2 2,10,12,45     Kid Icarus GB 30 43       Kid Clown in Night Mayor World NES     48     Kid Klown in Crazy Chase SNES     71     Kid Kool NES     12     Kid Niki NES     2     Killer Instinct GB 78   84,88     Killer Instinct SNES 76 77,83 70,78,79,81,85     Killer Instinct Gold N64 94 95 93,95,96     Killer Instinct 2Arca de) 81,83   87,88     King Arthur and the Knights of Justice SNES 72   78     King Arthur's World SNES 46   53     King of Dragons SNES 60   64,65     The King of Fighters 95 GB 93   100     King of the Monsters 2 SNES 63         Kingdom Crusade GB 40         King's Quest V NES 51 42,46,47       Kirby's Adventure NES 48 54       Kirby's Block Ball GB 83         Kirby's Dream Course SNES 69         Kirby's Dream Land GB 39 41 41,44     Kirby's Dream Land 2 GB 72 87       Kirby's Dream Land 3 SNES 102         Kirby's Pinball Land GB 54   59,60,97     Kirby's Star Stacker GB 95         Kirby Super Star SNES 86,87,88   95     KnightRider NES     12,14     Knights of the Round SNES 60         Krusty's Fun House GB 46   53     Krusty's Super Fun House SNES 37 42,47 42     Kung Fu Heroes NES     10,12     Kwirk GB 10 49       L Lagoon SNES   34,38       Lamborghini: American Challenge SNES     67,97     Laser Invasion NES     31     Last Action Hero SNES     65     Last Legion UX N64 101         Last Ninja NES     31     Lawnmower Man SNES     65     Legacy of the Wizard NES 3 7,10,11,28 8,12     Legend of the Mystical Ninja SNES 33   34,36,42     Legend of Ze lda 1 2,4,5,6,21,26,30 7,8,12     Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past SNES 32,34,83 36,40,41,42,43,85 39     Legend of Zelda: Link's Awakening GB 48,50,94 53,55,56,57,64,82,83,87,90 54,55,57,58,81,82,97     Lester the Unlikely SNES 57 62 64     Lemmings GB 53 69       Lemmings NES 37         Lemmings SNES 34   38,45     Lemmings 2: Tribes SNES     76,82     Liberty or Death SNES 62         Life Force NES 2,6   4,7,22     Lion King GB 71   101     Lion King SNES 68,69 71 69,76,99     Little Mermaid NES 26         Little Nemo: The Dream Master NES 18   26     Little Samson NES 40         Lobo SNES 84         Lock 'n' Chase GB     26     Looney Tunes GB 43 96,99       Looney Tunes B-Ball SNES     78,83     Lone Ranger NES 24 27 26     Lord of the Rings SNES 63 68       Lost Vikings SNES 48 53 53     Lost Vikings 2 SNES 96 103       The Lost World GB 104         Low G Man NES     26,42     Lufia & The Fortress of Doom SNES   59,66,85       Lufia II: Rise of the Sinistrals SNES 84,85,90,93 86,92,96       M Mace N64 101 105 103,104,105     Madden 64 N64 101,102   104,105     Madden 95 SNES   77 70     Madden 96 SNES   85 85,86,87,90,96     Madden 97 SNES   92 92,93,97     The Mafat Conspiracy NES 14         Magic Boy SNES 92 94       Magic Darts NES     30     Magic of Scheherazade NES   12,14 18     Magic Sword SNES 38   42     The Magical Quest Starring Mickey Mouse SNES 44         Magician NES 21 24       Maniac Mansion NES 16 21,22,29 24,36     Mappyland NES     7     Marble Madness NES 4         Marble Madness GB 28         Marvel Superheroes: War of the Gems SNES 87         Marvelous SNES 93         Mario Kart 64 N64 92,93,94 96,97,100 95,96,98,101,102     Mario Paint SNES 39,44         Mario's Picross GB 71   74     The Mask SNES 76 79 93     Matchbox Racers NES           Maui Mallard GB 105         Maui Mallard SNES 88,90 96 93     Maximum Carnage SNES 65         M.C. Kids NES 34         Mech Warrior SNES 47   50,72     Mech Warrior 3050 SNES 81 81 80,83,86     Mega Man NES 42,97         Mega Man II NES 7,97 9 8,9,11,12     Mega Man II GB 34,97         Mega Man III NES 20,97 22 22,24,25,27,28     Mega Man III GB 44,97   51     Mega Man IV NES 32,97 37,38 38     Mega Man IV GB 55,97 58 56     Mega Man V NES 44,97 46,48,50       Mega Man V GB 65,97 71       Mega Man VI NES 55,97 62       Mega Man VII SNES 77,97   79,83,87,90     Mega Man X SNES 56,97 60 60,61,99     Mega Man X2 SNES 69,97 71 72     Mega Man X3 SNES 81,97 88 83,89,90     Mega Man: Dr. Wily's Revenge GB 27,97 42 89     Mendel Palace NES     21     Mercenary Force GB 20   21,26     Metal Combat: Falcon's Revenge SNES     55,56,57     Metal Gear NES 4 3,30 6     Metal Marines SNES 58         Metal Storm NES 22   23,38     Metal Warriors SNES 70         Metroid NES 28,29 1,2,8 56     Metroid II: Return of Samus GB 31,37 34       Mickey Mousecapades NES 3 5 6,12,45     Mickey Mania SNES     69,78     Mickey-o-Rama SNES 67         Mickey's Dangerous Chase GB 23         Mickey's Ultimate Challenge SNES 59         Might and Magic NES 38 45,47 47     Might and Magic III SNES 70 74 92,93     Mighty Final Fight NES 50   56     Mighty Morphin Power Rangers GB 64         Mighty Morphin Power Rangers SNES 65   71,77     Mighty Morphin Power Rangers The Fighting Edition SNES     84     Mike Tyson's Punch Out!! NES   1 1,11,12     Milon's Secret Castle NES   6 5     Milon's Secret Castle GB 46 50       Miniature Golf Madness GB 63         Mischief Makers N64 99,101 103       Mission Impossible NES 16         Mohawk and Headphone Jack SNES 84,85         Mole Mania GB 87,93 97,101,102       Monopoly NES 23   43     Monopoly GB 29         Monster in My Pocket NES 32         Monster Max GB 61         Monster Party NES   10       Mortal Kombat GB 53,101         Mortal Kombat SNES 53   55,62,77     Mortal Kombat II GB 65,101 76,79       Mortal Kombat II SNES 64 68,79 67     Mortal Kombat 3 GB 79         Mortal Kombat 3 SNES 78 80,83 80,82,83,88     Mortal Kombat Mythologies N64 103         Mortal Kombat Trilogy N64 86,89 93 92,93,94,95,96     Motocross Maniacs GB     12     Ms Pac-Man SNES 89         Multi Racing Championship N64 99   102     Mutant Chronicles SNES 80   82,83     Mysterium GB 24   25,27     Mystical Ninja N64 105         N Nagano Olympics N64 105         NARC NES     22     Nail 'N Scale GB           Navy Seals GB 26         NBA All Star Challenge GB 21         NBA All Star Challenge II GB 37         NBA Hangtime N64 89,92 98100 92,93,94,95,96,97     NBA Jam GB     69,70     NBA Jam SNES 58,71   59,60,61,62     NBA Jam: Tournament Edition GB     81,84     NBA Jam: Tournament Edition SNES 70   74     NBA Live 96 SNES 81   83,85,89     NCAA Basketball SNES 38         Nemesis GB     16,20,24     NES Hockey Ha voc 49         NES Play Action Football NES 9,16         NES Open Tournament Golf NES 25   27     Nester's Funky Bowling VB 81         NHL 95 SNES   74       NHL 96 GB 82   86,90     NHL Stanley Cup SNES 55         Nigel Mansell's World Championship NES 51         Nightshade NES 34         Ninja Boy GB     27,47     Ninja Gaiden NES 5,6 7 6,8,9,12     Ninja Gaiden II NES     18     Ninja Gaiden III NES 27 28       Ninja Gaiden Shadow GB     31,64     Ninja Kid NES     1     Ninjawarriors SNES     64,67     Nintendo World Cup GB 24         Nosferatu SNES 74   84,87     O Ogrebattle SNES 71,76,87 76,89 81     Olympic Celebration SNES 85         Olympic Hockey N64 105         Olympic Summer Games GB 84         On the Ball SNES     49     Operation C GB 22 98 25,30,38,101     Operation Europe SNES   78,80       Operation Wolf NES     5     Oscar SNES 87         Out of this World SNES 41 47,54 53     Over Horizon NES     29     P Pac-Attack SNES 53   65     Pac-in-Time SNES   72,74 82     Pacific Theatre Operations II SNES 82         Pac-Man GB     46,98     Pac-Man 2 SNES 65   72,76,100     Pac-Man & Ms Pac-Man NES 54         Paladin's Quest SNES   63       Palamedes NES     23,33     Panic Bomber VB 77   85,89     Panic Restaurant NES 38   40     Paperboy 2 NES           Paperboy 2 GB           (The) Peace Keepers SNES     64,65     Pebble Beach Golf Links SNES     44     Penguin Wars GB     21     PGA Tour Golf SNES           PGA Tour 96 GB   81       PGA Tour 96 SNES 80 93       Phalanx SNES     44     Phantom 2040 SNES     83,89     Pilotwings SNES 31 31 30,38,46     Pilotwings 64 N64 86,88,89 90101 98     Pinball Dreams GB 52         Pinbot NES 11         Pink Panther SNES     63,65     Pinocchio GB 88         Pinocchio SNES 89 95       Pipe Dream NES     38     Pitfall SNES 68   70,71,77,97     Plok SNES 53 61       Pocahontas GB 83 85 87     Pocky & Rocky SNES     54     Pocky & Rocky 2 SNES 64   80     Populous SNES 31         Porky Pig's Haunted Holiday SNES 72         P.O.W. NES     10,12     Power Blade NES 23   25     Power Mission GB     22     Power Piggs of the Dark Age SNES 83         Power Punch II NES     48     Power Rangers Zero SNES 87         Prehistorik Man GB 59         Prehistorik Man SNES 81   83     Primal Rage SNES 77 77 78     Prince of Persia NES 32 37       Prince of Persia SNES   48,49,50       Prince of Persia 2 SNES 88,89         Punisher NES     40     Puzznic NES   26       Q Q*Bert GB   39       Q*Bert SNES     47     R Rad Racer NES     1,12     Rad Racer II NES     16     Raging Fighter GB 49   54     Raiden Trad SNES           Rainbow Islands NES     34     Rambo NES   3 7,10,12     Rampart NES 33         Rampart GB 45         Ranma 1/2 SNES     59     R.C. Pro-Am NES 2         Realm SNES 88         Red Alarm VB 76   82,87     Ren & Stimpy GB 45         Ren & Stimpy SNES     56,71     Renegade NES 2         Revolution X SNES 80         Rescue of Princess Blobette GB 22         Riddick & Bowe Boxing SNES     84     Ring King NES   1 1     Ring Rage GB 48         Rise of the Phoenix SNES   81       Rise of the Robots SNES     69,77,85     Rival Turf SNES     44     River City Ransom NES 10 11 12     Road Runner's Death Valley Rally SNES 43 51 50     Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves NES 26 28 36,37,42     Robocop NES 9   10,12     Robocop II NES   25       Robocop III NES 36         Robocop GB 18         Robocop vs. Terminator GB 63         Robotrek SNES 68 70,71,89 78     Robotron 64 N64 99   104105     Robowarrior NES     9,12     Rock 'n' Roll Racing SNES 52   56,58,62     Rocketeer NES 24         Rocketeer SNES     40     Rocket Ranger NES 12         Rockin' Kats NES 26   30,34,37     Rocky & Bullwinkle and Friends NES     45     Rocky Rodent SNES     61     Roger Clemens MVP Baseball NES 29         Rollergames NES 16         Romance of the Three Kingdoms IV: Wall of Fire SNES 76   89     RPM Racing SNES     48     R-Type GB 23   28,29,38     R-Type III SNES 58         Run Saber SNES 50   57     Rygar NES   1       S Samurai Showdown GB 67   70,76     San Francisco Rush N64 102   104105     Saturday Night Slammasters SNES 61   83     S.C.A.T. NES 23   32     Scooby Doo Mystery SNES 80   83,90     Seaquest DSV GB   68       Seaquest DSV SNES 69   82     Secret of Evermore SNES 71,78,79,80,81,88 81 103     Secret of Mana SNES 54,62,63,64 57,59,87 72102104105     Secret of the Stars SNES   76,78,82,83,99       Seicross NES     3,6,7,12     Separation Anxiety SNES 78   80,83,84,90     Sesame Street 123 NES 4         Shadow of the Ninja NES   22 22,23     Shadows of the Empire N64 83,92,93 94,98,99,102 94,98,99,100,103     Shadowgate NES 10 11,12,14,16       Shadowrun SNES 48 50,52,53,56       Shanghai GB 12   18     Shangahi II: Dragon's Eye SNES 44         Shatterhand NES 29   38     Shaq Fu SNES     69,82,83     Shien's Revenge SNES 64   68,70     Silent Service NES 11         Silver Surfer NES     22,23,24,26     Simant SNES 54   58,60,67     SimCity SNES 88   33,34,36,47,57,89     SimCity 2000 SNES 90         SimEarth SNES     49, 51     The Simpsons: Bart vs. the Space Mutants NES   25,27,30 26,27,31     The Simpsons: Bart vs. the World NES 33         The Simpsons: Bart's Nightmare SNES 41 49 41     Sink or Swim SNES     83     Skate or Die NES 4   5     Skate or Die II NES     20     Skuljagger SNES     45,46,47     Sky Kid NES     49     Skyblazer SNES 57         Smartball SNES     43     Smash TV NES 28   46     The Smurfs GB 82         The Smurfs SNES 83         Snake Rattle 'n' Roll NES 16   18     Snake's Revenge NES 14 16       Sneaky Snakes GB 26         Snowboard Kids N64 104 105       Solar Jetman NES 18   32     Soldiers of Fortune SNES 56   60     Solitaire Funpak GB 60         Soloman's Key NES     9,12     Solstice NES 14 32 18     Sonic Blast Man SNES 44   52     Sonic Blast Man II SNES 63   71     Soul Blazer SNES   44,45       Space Football: One on One SNES     48     Space Invaders GB 62 74       Space Megaforce SNES 42   43     Space Station Silicon Valley N64 97         Spanky's Quest GB     31     Sparkster SNES 66   80     Spawn SNES     88     Spectre SNES 60         Speedy Gonzales GB 51         Speedy Gonzales: Los Gatos Bandidos SNES 70         Spider-Man SNES 71         Spider-Man: Return of the Sinister Six NES 41         Spider-Man II GB   44       Spike McFang SNES 61         Sports Illustrated: Championship Football & Baseball GB 53         Spud's Adventure GB     34     Spy Hunter NES     5     Stanley and the Search for Dr. Livingstone NES 37         Star Ocean SNES 86         Star Soldier NES     8     Star Trek NES 29 49       Star Trek GB 35         Star Trek: DS9 SNES     80     Star Trek: TNG GB 51   53     Star Trek: TNG SNES 59   66     Star Trek Generations: Beyond the Nexus GB     88     Star Trek: Starfleet Academy SNES 68   74,78,83,87     Star Tropics NES 12,21,22 23,24,28,31,35,58 23     Star Wars GB 37,93 60,88,92       Star Wars NES 28 29       Starfox SNES 47,96 51,52 48,49     Starfox 64 N64 96,98,99 100101104 101102     Stargate SNES 71         Stinger NES     12     Stop that Roach! GB 61         Street Combat SNES     52,61     Street Fighter II SNES 38 43 39,44,52,54     Street Fighter II Turbo SNES     53,55     Street Fighter Alpha 2 SNES 89 98 95,98     Street Racer SNES 68   76     Strider NES 5,7 9 9,38     Stunt Race FX SNES 58,63   66,83,89     Sunset Riders SNES     65     Super Adventure Island SNES 36   42     Super Adventure Island II SNES 66 70       Super Baseball 2020 SNES     57     Super Baseball Simulator 1,000 SNES     50     Super Bases Loaded SNES     50     Super Black Bass SNES 47   53     Super Bomberman SNES 53   54     Super Bombermna 2 SNES 64   68,76,84     Super Bowling SNES 40         Super Buster Bros. SNES     48     Super C NES 11,12 14 14,22     Super Caesar's Palace SNES 49         Super Conflict SNES 46         Super Conflict: The Mideast SNES     61     Super Dodgeball NES   9       Super Double Dra gon     51     Super Empire Strikes Back SNES 53,93   56,58,59,61,86     Super Ghouls 'n' Ghosts SNES 29 38 35     Super Hunchback GB 33         Super Loopz SNES 61         Super Mario 64 N64 87,88,90 92,93,94,95,96,97,98 98     Super Mario All Stars SNES 52,84 58,76 58,59     Super Mario Bros. NES   1,2 3,12     Super Mario Bros. 2 NES 1 4 5,6,7,12     Super Mario Bros. 3 NES 11 18 12,18,21,25     Super Mario Kart SNES 41,82   45,53,83     Super Mario Land GB 9   10,12     Super Mario Land 2: Six Golden Coins GB 43   45,72,98     Super Mario RPG SNES 82,83,84,86,89 88,90,95 92,93,94     Super Mario World SNES 28 30,31,32,35 29,30,31,34,36,44     Super Metroid SNES 59,60,95 65       Super Ninja Boy SNES   52 54     Super Off Road SNES 32   36,74     Super Pitfall NES   7 12     Super Play Action Football SNES 41         Super Punch-Out!! SNES 65,69 78 71,74     Super Putty SNES     62     Super R.C. Pro-Am GB 25         Super Return of the Jedi GB 78   80,94     Super Return of the Jedi SNES 67,93   77,80     Super R-Type SNES     32     Super Scope 6 SNES     58     Super Soccer SNES 36   37,39     Super Soccer Champ SNES 36   37,39     Super Solitaire SNES 56         Super Slapshot SNES     60,65     Super Smash TV SNES 35 41 37,38,40,41     Super Spike Volleyball NES 10         Super Spy Hunter NES     40,44,46,56     Super Star Wars SNES 42,90 46 43,44,48,56,89     Super Street Fighter II SNES 62   66     Super Strike Eagle SNES 46   56     Super Tennis SNES     34,35     Super Turrican SNES 48   55,57     Super Valis IV SNES     51     Super Widget SNES     53     Sword of Hope GB 23 38       Sword of Hope II GB 85,86         Sword Master NES 23   24,35     Swords & Serpents NES 16 20 20     Syndicate SNES   79,80,84       T T2: The Arcade Game GB 50   67     Tactics Ogre SNES 83         Tamagotchi GB 101         Tarzan GB 62         Taz-Mania GB 64         Taz-Mania SNES 49   59,64,99     Taz-Mania 2 GB   96,97       Tecmo Bowl NES     8,18     Tecmo Bowl GB 28         Tecmo NBA Basketball NES 43         Tecmo Super Bowl NES 32   38     Tecmo Super Bowl SNES     66     Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles NES 6 8,9,23 7     TMNT 2: The Arcade Game NES 21   22,23,24     TMNT: The Fall of the Foot Clan GB 16   21,22,23,24     TMNT III: The Manhattan Project NES 33   37,40     TMNT III: Radical Rescue GB 56         TMNT: Back from the Sewers GB 32         TMNT Tournament Fighters NES 54         TMNT Tournament Fighters SNES 56   59,60,64     TMNT IV: Turtles in Time SNES 39   51     Teleroboxer VB     83     Terminator 2: Judgement Day NES 34         Terminator 2: Judgement Day GB 33         Tetris NES 9         Tetris GB 8   77,94     Tetris 2 NES 55 65       Tetris 2 GB 56 63       Tetris 2 SNES 62         Tetris Attack SNES 86,87,89 92 90,93,94,96     Tetris Blast GB 80 84 83,88     Tetris Plus GB 99         Tetrisphere N64 99101   102104     Thrilla's Surfari NES 35   36     Thunderbirds NES     20,28     Thunder Spirits SNES     40,41     (The) Tick SNES     70     Time Trax SNES 59         Timon & Pumba SNES 101         Tin Star SNES 67         Tiny Toon Adventures NES 31   40,41     Tiny Toon Adventures: Babs Big Break GB 34         Tiny Toon Adventures 2: Trouble in Wackyland NES 45         Tiny Toon Adventures: Buster Busts Loose SNES 46 50 50     Tiny Toon Adventures: Montana's Movie Madness GB     88     Tiny Toon Wacky Sports Challenge SNES     69     Titus the Fox GB 49         Tom & Jerry NES 30   33     Tom & Jerry Frantic Antics GB 55         Tom & Jerry SNES     64     Tombs & Treasure NES 12 18       Top Gear SNES 37         Top Gear Rally N64 102 103 104     Top Gear 3000 SNES 93 97       Top Gun: Guts & Glory GB 35         Top Gun: The Second Mission NES     46     Top Rank Tennis GB 47         Total Carnage SNES     68     Totally Rad NES 23         Toxic Crusaders GB 38         Toy Story GB 85         Toy Story SNES 81   83     Track & Field II NES 3   4,12     Track & Field GB     43     Track Meet GB 29         True Golf Classics: Pebble Beach SNES           Treasure Master NES 26         True Lies SNES 72   80     Tuff Enuff SNES     53     Turn and Burn GB 35         Turn and Burn SNES 59         Turok: Dinosaur Hunter N64 88,93,94,95,97 98,99 96,97,99,102     Turok: War of the Bionosaurs GB 104 105       Turrican GB     52     U U.N. Squadron SNES 30   35     Ultima: Exodus NES 3 10 6,12     Ultima: Quest of the Avatar NES 21 24,27       Ultima: Runes of Virtue GB 23 48       Ultima: Runes of Virtue II GB 54 61       Ultima V: Warriors of Destiny NES   51       Ultimate Air Combat NES 30         Ultimate Mortal Kombat SNES 89   95     Ultra Golf GB 35   36     Ultraman SNES     38     Uncharted Waters SNES 70 88,89       Uninvited NES   29,36       Uniracers SNES 67   78     Urban Strike GB 87         Urban Strike SNES   81 81,83     V Vegas Dream NES     11     Vegas Stakes GB 79         Vegas Stakes SNES 49         Vertical Force VB 77         VICE: Project Doom NES 24   27,29,32     Virtual League Baseball VB 78   79,80     Vortex SNES 64   67     W Wacky Races NES           Wanderers from Ys III SNES           War 2410 SNES           War 3010 SNES           War Gods N64           Wario Blast GB           Wario Land GB           Wario Land VB           Wario's Woods NES           Warlock SNES           Waterworld GB           Waterworld VB           Wave Race GB           Wave Race 64 N64           Wayne Gretzky's 3D Hockey N64           Wayne Gretzky's 3D Hockey 98 N64           Wayne's World SNES           WCW: The Main Event GB           WCW vs NWO N64           Weaponlord SNES           Werewolf: The Last Warrior NES           Wheel of Fortune 64 N64           Wheel of Fortune Family Edition N)           Where in Time is Carmen Sandiego NES           Whizz SNES           Who Framed Roger Rabbit NES           Who Framed Roger Rabbit GB           Whomp 'Em NES           Wild Guns SNES           Wild Snake SNES           Willow NES           Wing Commander SNES           Wing Commander: Secret Missions SNES           Wings 2: Aces High SNES           Wizardry V SNES           Wizards & Warriors NES           Wizards & Warriors III NES           Wizards & Warriors X: Fortress of Fear GB           Wolfchild SNES           Wolfenstein 3D SNES           Wolverine: Adamantium Rage SNES           Workboy GB           World Heroes SNES           World Heroes 2 SNES           Wrath of the Black Manta NES           WrestleMania NES           Wrestlemania: The Arcade Game SNES           WURM: Journey to the Center of the Earth NES           WWF King of the Ring GB           WWF Raw S)           WWF Royal Rumble SNES           WWF Super Wrestlemania SNES           WWF Superstars GB           WWF Wrestlemania Challenge NES           X Xardion SNES 36         Xexyz NES     14     X-Kaliber 2097 SNES 59   81     X-Men: Mutant Apocalypse SNES     80     Y Yogi's Gold Rush GB 65 93       Yoshi NES 35         Yoshi's Cookie NES 47         Yoshi's Cookie SNES 49   53     Yoshi's Island SNES 77 79,80,81,82 80     Yoshi's Safari SNES     55     Yoshi's Story N64 104105         Young Merlin SNES 57 60,64       Z Zanac NES     1,3     Zen: Intergalactic Ninja GB 48   53     Zen: Intergalactic Ninja NES 45         Zero the Kamikaze Squirrel SNES 67   68     Zero Racers VB 87         Zoda's Revenge Star Tropics 2 NES 57,58 61       Zombie Nation NES     29     Zombie's Ate My Neighbors SNES     63    
    • By JVOSS
      Sometime ago I saw on NA a list of all Game Boy Tetris Variants. I have not been able to find it here so I'm remaking here.  have no clue, who the OG Author was. If any one remembers let me know so I can give the credit to them.
      DMG-TRA                         Tetris (Japan)
      DMG-TRA                         Tetris Ver.1.0 “Minuet” (Japan)
      DMG-TR-ASI                    Tetris
      DMG-TR-AUS-1               Tetris
      DMG-TR-AUS                  Tetris
      DMG-TR-BZL-YEL           Tetris (Playtronic)Yellow
      DMG-TR-BZL-GRY          Tetris (Playtronic) Gray
      DMG-TR-CAN                 Tetris
      DMG-TR-CAN-1              Tetris
      DMG-TR-CAN-2             Tetris
      DMG-104-CHN               Tetris
      DMG-104-CHN-FCO      Tetris : Hong Kong Lable
      DMG-601-CHN               4-In-1: Nintendo :
      DMG-601-CHN-S           4-In-1: Nintendo : Code Wrong Side
      DMG-601-CHN-FCO      4-In-1: Nintendo : Hong Kong Lable
      DMG-TR-ESP                  Tetris
      DMG-TR-ESP-1               Tetris
      DMG-TR-EUR                  Tetris
      DMG-TR-FAH                  Tetris
      DMG-TR-FRG-1               Tetris
      DMG-TR-FRG                  Tetris
      DMG-TR-GPS                  Tetris
      DMG-TR-HKG                  Tetris
      DMG-TR-ITA                    Tetris
      DMG-TR-KOR                  Tetris
      DMG-TR-NOE                  Tetris
      DMG-TR-NOE-1               Tetris
      DMG-TR-ROC                  Tetris
      DMG-TR-SCN-1               Tetris
      DMG-TR-SCN                  Tetris
      DMG-TR-UKV-1               Tetris
      DMG-TR-UKV                  Tetris
      DMG-TR-USA-0              Tetris (No Dash)
      DMG-TR-USA-1               Tetris (Player's Choice, Rated KA wo/ PC Logo)
      DMG-TR-USA-2               Tetris (Player's Choice, Rated KA w/ PC Logo)
      DMG-TR-USA-0A            Tetris (Made in Japan Bottom Label)
      DMG-TR-USA                  Tetris (Made in Japan Left Side Label)
    • By Hybrid
      Ok we are starting new I figured it would be easier to do so. I'll work on getting my Nintendo stuff up here as well as what others have. I don't know the character limit to posts, but I'll reserve two posts after this one so it will last for a while. If the reaction is good I'll think about doing one for Genesis and PlayStation.
      Rare 3/5 screw
      Alpha Mission

      _Brink_ (Cart Only)X5
      CrowTRobot(Cart only)
      Divingninja(Cart Only)
      Foochie776(Cart Only)
      Goodvibes(Cart Only)
      PII(Cart only)
      Skinnygrinny(Cart Only)
      Donkey Kong

      _Brink_ (cart only)
      CrowTRobot(Cart only)
      Divingninja (Cart only)
      Foochie776(Cart Only)
      Goodvibes(Cart Only)
      jxmx3 (2 carts one refurb)
      Pii (Cart Only)
      LutherDestroysTheGond (Cart only)
      Woobie (cart only)
      Donkey Kong Jr (3 screw)

      _Brink_ (Cart only)
      jxmx3 (3 carts)
      Wyansas (Cart Only)
      Gyromite (3 screw NHT box)

      CrowTRobot(Cart only)X2
      Jxmx3 (1 CIB 1 cart only)
      Wyansas (Cart Only)
      Gotcha! (5 screw)

      _Brink_ (Cart only)X2

      Divingninja(Cart only
      Wyansas (Cart Only)
      Jaws (5 screw)

      _Brink_(Cart only)X2
      CrowTRobot(Cart only)
      Divingninja(Cart Only)
      jxmx3 (cart only)
      Woobie (Cart Only)
      Wyansas (Cart only)
      Silverspoon Gaming (Cart Only)
      Mega Man (5 screw)

      Divingninja (Cart only)
      jxmx3 (cart only)
      Wyansas (Cart Only)
      Mike Tyson's Punch Out (5 screw)

      _Brink_ (Cart only) 
      Divingninja (Cart only)
      jxmx3 (cart only)
      Wyansas (cart only X2)
      Star Force 

      _Brink_ (Cart only)
      CrowTRobot(Cart only)
      Stinger 3 Screw

      Pii (Cart Only)
      Rare Variants
      Mega Man 6 no rev 1

      _Brink_ (Cart only)
      Tecmo NBA Basketball (N7)

      _Brink_(Cart only)
      CrowTRobot(Cart only)X2
      hybrid (cart only)
      jxmx3 (cart only)
      NES Quest (Cart Only)
      Wyansas (Cart Only) X2
      Woobie (cart only)
      Wayne Gretzky Hockey (- 3)

      Divingninja (Cart only)
      Dr Morbis (Cart only)
      Goodvibes(Cart Only)
      jxmx3 (cart only)
      Woobie (cart only)
      Konami/Ultra 5 screw oddities
      Bayou Billy

       _Brink_(cart only)
      Divingninja (Cart only)
      Jxmx3 (cart only)
      Skinnygrinny (Cart only)
      Base Wars

      Divingninja (Cart only)
      Pii (Cart Only)
      Bill Elliott's NASCAR Challenge

      Pii (Cart Only)

      _Brink_ (Cart only)
      Defender of the Crown

      CrowTRobot(Cart only)
      Jackal (5 screw)

      _Brink_ (Cart Only)
      NESQest (Cart Only)
      Wyansas (cart Only)
      Kings of the Beach

      _Brink_ (Cart only)
      Metal Gear

      _Brink_(Cart Only)
      CrowTRobot(Cart only)
      Divingninja (cart only)
      Wyansas (cart Only)
      Mission Impossible

      Woobie (Cart Only)

      Divingninja (Cart only)
      Wyansas (cart Only)

      Divingninja (Cart Only)
      Silent Service

      _Brink_(Cart only)(2X)
      jxmx3 (cart only)
      LutherDestroysTheGond (cart Only)
      Woobie(cart only)
      Goodvibes (cart only)X2
      Wyansas (Cart only X2)
      Skate or Die

      Divingninja (Cart Only)
      CrowTRobot(Cart only)
      Snakes Revenge

       _Brink_ (Cart only)
      CrowTRobot(Cart only)
      Super C

      _Brink_ (Cart only) X2
      CrowTRobot(Cart only)
      Wyansas (Cart Only)

      Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

      Divingninja (X2 one tm one R)
      Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles II : The Arcade game

      Divingninja(Cart only)
      Retroseazzy (Cart only)
      Wyansas (Cart Only)
       _Brink_ (Cart Only)
      Tiny Toons

      CrowTRobot(Cart only)
      Track and Field II

       _Brink_ (Cart only)
      Divingninja(Cart Only)
      Where in Time is Carmen Sandiego

      Divingninja (Cart Only)
      Errors and Misprints
      Arch Rivals (improper soldered chip)

      hybrid (cart only)
      Baby Boomer

      Speedy_NES (Cart only)
      Baseball Printing error

      Divingninja (Cart only)
      Donkey Kong (half printed manual)

      hybrid(manual only)
      Excitebike (Upside down Label)

      _Brink_(Cart Only)
      Golf Printing error

      hybrid (cart only)
      Goonies II (printing error)

      hybrid (cart only)
      Gyromite Canadian (printing error)

      Hybrid (CIB)
      Hillsfar (Upside down label)

      _Brink_ (Cart Only)
      Kid Icarus (printing error)

      Hybrid (cart only)
      Legend of Zelda (Double Labeled)

      Hybrid(Cart Only)
      Mike Tyson's Punchout (Printing error)

      _Brink_(Cart Only)
      Peter Pan & the Pirates (upside down label)

      (hybrid cart only)
      Rollergames Double Label

      hybrid (Cart Only)
      Shockwave (upside down label)

      Hybrid (cart only)
      Trojan (upside down Back Label)

      Goodvibes (Cart Only)
      Top Gun Upside down label

      _Brink_(Cart Only)
      Divingninja(Cart Only)
      Wild Gunman (printing error)

      Stormarov.45 (Cart only)
      SNES Rare Variants
      SNES Errors/Misprints
      Battle Clash (upside down label)

      hybrid (cart only)
      Breath of Fire II (upside down label)

      jxmx3 (CIB)

      Hybrid (cart Only)
      Sim City (upside down label)

      Rman (cart only)
      Street fighter II (upside down label)

      Super Empire Strikes Back (upside down label)

      hybrid (Cart Only)
      Super Mario World (misprint seal)

      Bowser (cart Only)
      Divingninja(Cart Only)
      hybrid (Cart Only)
      jxmx3 (3 x cart only)
      Pii (Cart Only)
      Super Street Fighter II (data error)

      hybrid (Cart only)
      N64 rare variants
      N64 Misprints/Errors
      Monaco Grand Prix  (mis-cut box)

      Rush 2 (mis-bound manual)
      hybrid (manual only)
      Wii Rare Variants
      Wii Misprints Errors
      wii music

      hybrid (CIB)
      Rare Switch Variants
      Rare Switch Misprints Errors
      Sonic Mania (misprint)

      hybrid (case only)
      Game boy/ Game boy color variants
      Centipede (color label)

       Sir Centroid (CIB)
      Game boy/ Game boy color errors/Misprints
      Carmageddon (Double Label)

      Hybrid (cart only)
      Pit Fighter (double Label)

      Hybrid (cart only)
      Turok Rage Wars (upside down label)

      Boswer (Cart Only)
      Game Boy Advance Variants
      Yu-Gi-oh! GX Duel Academy AGB P BYGE(A)

      PinappleLawnchair (CIB)
      Game Boy Advance Errors/Misprints
      Nintendo DS Variants
      Nintendo DS Errors/Misprints
      Zorro: The Quest for justice (Double Label)

       PapaStu (CIB)

    • By Bomberman64
      Hi.  I'm currently almost finished with my N64 collection and am looking for the following variants to complete my set. If you have the following not struck out, PM and we can negotiate with trades and prices. Thank you for looking.
      Tarzan Big Box
      Shadowman Glasses Variant (Box only)
      Rampage 2 Big Box
      ECW Hardcore Revolution Best Buy Exc. Calling Card (100% CIB)
      Other Micro Machines Variant Box
      Gex Sticker Variant
      Rayman 2 Tattoo Variant
      Rayman 2 Sticker Variant
      Micro Machines No Car Box Variant
      Army Men Sarges Heroes Keychain Sealed
      NFL Blitz 2000 Mini Guide Sealed
      World Driver Championship T-Shirt Variant Sealed
      Rampage 2 T-Shirt Variant
      Mortal Kombat 4 Comic Book Variant
      Chopper Attack Dog Tag Variant
      Toy Story 2 Movie Ticket Variant
      Gauntlet Legends Figurine Variant
    • By netorare
      Hello VGS! I am mainly a GBA collector and recently have been focusing on completing my wishlist for the system. There's pretty much no rhyme or reason to the wishlist other than some rares, expensive games, and personal curiosities. I mainly only go for loose carts but always potentially interested in CIB depending on the game. Always open to trades if you'd prefer that as well. Oddities, variants, store displays, kiosks, GBA-related Nintendo Powers, manuals, and various other GBA-related merchandise are also always very interesting to me and would always be considered for purchase. Bolded titles are more of my priorities at the moment and the list is split up so that it can be more easily navigated. Feel free to PM me or comment if there is anything with which you can help. Thanks you, VGS!
      The list:
      Activision Anthology
      Altered Beast: Guardian of the Realms
      Baldur's Gate: Dark Alliance
      Baseball Advance
      Bomberman Tournament
      Breath of Fire
      Breath of Fire II
      Capcom Classics Mini Mix
      Columns Crown
      Crazy Taxi: Catch a Ride
      Denki Blocks!
      Digimon Battle Spirit
      Dr. Mario & Puzzle League
      Dragon Ball Z: Supersonic Warriors
      Dual Blades
      Final Fight One
      Game Boy Advance Video: Sonic X, Volume 1
      Gem Smashers
      Grand Theft Auto Advance
      Hardcore Pinball
      It's Mr. Pants
      James Bond 007: Nightfire
      Jazz Jackrabbit Advance
      Justice League Heroes: The Flash
      The King of Fighters EX: NeoBlood
      Little League Baseball 2002
      Lufia: The Ruins of Lore
      Mazes of Fate
      Medal of Honor: Infiltrator
      Medal of Honor: Underground
      Mobile Suit Gundam SEED: Battle Assault
      Mortal Kombat Advance
      Onimusha Tactics
      The Pinball of the Dead
      Sabre Wulf
      Tim Burton's The Nightmare Before Christmas: The Pumpkin King
      Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell: Pandora Tomorrow
      Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 3 [USA-1]
      Ultimate Arcade Games
      Ultimate Brain Games
      Ultimate Card Games
      Ultimate Puzzle Games
      Ultimate Winter Games
      Wade Hixton's Counter Punch
      Wolfenstein 3D
      NFRs (front label):

      Kirby & the Amazing Mirror [Not for Resale]
      Kirby: Nightmare in Dreamland [Not for Resale]
      Pokémon Emerald [Not for Resale]
      Pokémon FireRed [Not for Resale]
      Pokémon LeafGreen [Not for Resale]
      Pokémon Ruby [Not for Resale]
      Pokémon Sapphire [Not for Resale]
      Super Mario World: Super Mario Advance 2 [Not for Resale]
      Yu-Gi-Oh! GX Duel Academy [Not for Resale] CIB
      PAL/Japanese imports:
      Animaniacs: Lights, Camera, Action!
      Astérix & Obélix XXL [EUR] (PAL)
      Go! Go! Beckham! Adventure on Soccer Island (PAL)
      Manic Miner (PAL)
      Micro Machines (PAL)
      Pinky and the Brain: The Master Plan (PAL)
      Speedball 2 (PAL)
      Dai-2-Ji: Super Robot Taisen (NTSC-J)
      Dialhex (NTSC-J)
      Elevator Action: Old & New (NTSC-J)
      Kisekko Gurumii: Cesti to Meigurumi-tachi no Mahou no Bouken (NTSC-J)
      Mobile Suit Z Gundam: Hot Scramble (NTSC-J)
      Pinobee & Phoebee (NTSC-J)
      Soundvoyager (NTSC-J)
      2004Mbit Competition ("Official" Homebrew)
      Anguna: Warriors of Virtue ("Official" Homebrew)
      Broken Circle ("Official" Homebrew)
      Custodian ("Official" Homebrew)
      Diddy Kong Pilot (Homebrew)
      Fire Emblem: The Binding Blade (Translation Repro)
      Resident Evil 2 (Homebrew)
      Waimanu: Grinding Blocks Adventure ("Official" Homebrew)
      Yoshi's Story: Tech Demo (Homebrew)
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