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FO / FS /FT - dewisp02's Thread

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Currently taking offers, so please pm me if you are interested in anything. If you want to see pictures, let me know. I have tons more I will be listing so keep an eye out. 
Last Updated: 04-08-17

Nintendo Entertainment System
-Small Box ROB the Robot with box, manual, poster, seal of quality paper, and ROB glasses: Missing the styrofoam, has battery cover, no battery acid leaks/corrosion damage, ROB glasses and inserts.
-Advanced Dungeons and Dragons- Hillsfar CIB
-Advanced Dungeons and Dragons- Dragon Strike CIB

-Advanced Dungeons and Dragons- Pool Of Radiance cart and box
-Alfred Chicken manual and box
-BattleToads/Double Dragon cart: 2x
-BattleToads/Double Dragon manual
-Caltron 6 in 1 cart
-Castle of Deceit manual
-Cliffhanger manual
-Cool World cart and manual
-Contra Force manual
-Dirty Harry CIB
-Double Dragon III Sacred Stones cart and box
-Duck Tales 2 cart
-Dudes with Attitude cart and box
-Dusty Diamond's All Star Softball box
-Felix the Cat cart and box
-Final Fantasy cart and manual
-Fire N Ice manual
-GI Joe- Real American Hero Cart  
-GI Joe- Real American Hero Box: 2x
-Kickmaster box-Krion Conquest cart
-L'Empereur box and manual

-Little Samson manual
-Mario is Missing CIB

-Mega Man 3 cart 
-Mega Man 4 cart and box
-Might & Magic- Secret of the Inner Sanctum cart
-Might & Magic- Secret of the Inner Sanctum box: x2
-Might & Magic- Secret of the Inner Sanctum Registration Card and Map
-Mike Tyson's Punchout CIB
-Mission Cobra cart: x2
-Mission Cobra box
-Ninja Gaiden III manual
-RC Pro Am 2 Cart
-RoboDemons box
-Snow Bros cart
-Solitaire cart and box
-Strider cart and box
-Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles CIB

Super Nintendo
-ChronoTrigger cart, maps, instructions, box
-ChronoTrigger cart
-Earthbound cart
-Final Fantasy II cart
-Final Fantasy III cart
-Legend of Zelda- Link to the Past cart and box
-Mega Man X3 cart
-Secret of Mana cart and manual
-Super Mario RPG cart
-Super Punchout box

Nintendo 64
-Conker's Bad Fur Day CIB
-Donkey Kong 64 CIB
-Goldeneye 007 CIB
-Legend of Zelda Majora's Mask Collector's Edition cart
-Legend of Zelda Ocarina of Time cart
-Perfect Dark CIB
-Star Wars Rogue Squadron CIB
-Turok 2 Seeds of Evil CIB

Nintendo GameCube
-Cubivore CIB
-Eternal Darkness disc, insert, and case (no instructions)
-Eternal Darkness CIB
-Fire Emblem- Path of Radiance CIB
-Legend of Zelda- Windwaker
-Lost Kingdoms CIB
-Metal Gear Solid Twin Snakes discs and case (no manual)
-Pikmin 2 CIB
-Skies of Arcadia Legends CIB
-Star Wars Jedi Knight II- Jedi Outcast CIB

Game Boy Advance
-Kingdom Hearts- Chain of Memories CIB
-Warioware Twisted! CIB

Game Boy Color
-Dragon Warrior 3 CIB
-Harvest Moon GBC cart

3Nintendo DS

-Kingdom Hearts 3D- Dream Drop Distance: new
-The Sims 3: new

NEC TurboGrafx-16
-Dragon Slayer CIC with map

Atari Jaguar
-Alien Vs Predator cart, tray, box


Nintendo Entertainment System Famicom Sega Master System Atari Super Nintendo Super Famicom Sega Genesis Mega Drive (Japan) Sega CD NEC TurboGrafx-16 NEC PC Engine Neo Geo CD-i (Compact Disc Interactive)PlayStation Sega Saturn Nintendo 64 3DO Sega 32X Virtual Boy Atari Jaguar NEC PC-FX PlayStation 2 Sega Dreamcast Microsoft Xbox Nintendo GameCubePlayStation Portable Game Boy Game Boy Color Game Boy Advance Nintendo DS Game Gear Nokia N-Gage Atari LynxSega

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    • By matthughson
      I am working on a new game for the NES: Witch n' Wiz!
      For the 2020/21 NESDev competition, I have put together a sort of "demo" of game. You can download it for free using the link above. It is just a small sampling of what I hope to deliver in the final game, in fall of 2021.
      Turn-Based Puzzle Platformer (e.g. Fire n Ice, Catrap, etc)
      How to Play:
      Vanquish all the monsters in room by slamming into them from the side. Push blocks around in a similar way to create bridges over gaps.
      You cannot jump! The only way to move up is the climb a ladder.
      If you make a mistake, press B to undo your last move, or SELECT to restart the room.
      D-PAD:    Move the character. SELECT:   Restart current room. START:    Pause game (view password, change floors, quit game). B BUTTON: Undo last move. A BUTTON: Switch characters (later levels only). Features:
      30+ Levels New puzzle mechanics every 5-10 levels Password Save Art by Kenneth Fejer and Zolionline. Music by Tui Social Media:
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    • By Bomberman64
      Hi! I recently started getting back into NES and am looking to build my collection again! I'm looking for the following games 100% CIB in amazing to mint condition! If you have any of the following, please PM and let's work some deals out! PayPal ready!! The * sign means these are my priorities and would buy almost immediately. I'll keep updating the list for newer things! Much appreciated helping me get my NES collection back!! And happy to be back!!

      Little Samson
      Snow Brothers**
      Bonk's Adventure
      Princess Tomato in the Salad Kingdom**
      Fisher-Price Firehouse Rescue***
      Zombie Nation w/inserts
      Cheetahmen 2
      Myriad 6-in-1
      Hot Slots
      Peek-A-Boo Poker
      Bubble Bath Babes
      Cowboy Kid w/ poster**
      Color a Dinosaur**
      Wayne's World
      Fire 'N Ice
      Toxic Crusaders
      Mario's Time Machine w/poster
      A Nightmare on Elm Street
      Frankenstein the Monster Returns**
    • By ReconPDW-1
      Hello everyone, I just created an account to ask anyone here on this forum if they knew anything about an English Legend of Zelda The Wind Waker disc that has laser etched codes and writing showing that it is produced in Japan instead of the US.  I currently have one but I cannot find anything about this particular one I have.  The only ones I see on the web are USA produced and have the correct gold top on the disc.  To put it simply, the disc in question has a gold top showing DL-DOL-GZLE-USA, but the back of this disc has this laser etched writing Mastering Code (laser branded/etched): 203B2608 DOL-GZLE-0-00 JPN S0, Mastering SID Code: IFPI LL37, Mould SID Code: IFPI HH57, and Additional Mould Text: MADE IN JAPAN.
      I had a difficult time getting the game to boot up but eventually I was able to play it, and it was in English.
      I already made a post on the Gamecube Reddit community with no luck as to what variant this disc could be.  Not sure if this is just some weird variant, or maybe an extremely limited run of English produced discs from Japan?  But this is why I'm hoping some collectors here know anything about this disc.
      UPDATE: Just recently discovered a new Ebay listing that actually has this JPN disc in a Player's Choice Best Seller game case.  I've looked at all other listings but could not find it.  I'm starting to think that this may just be a very limited run for English JPN produced discs.

    • By austin532
      Here is a list of CIB, Loose, and misc stuff I have for sale, for offer, or trade. Let me know if you are interested or need pictures. I am negotiable on prices so don't be afraid to ask.🙂

      Pictures can be found here. https://postimg.cc/gallery/SmsdqMY


      Castlevania II: Simon's Quest (Very Good) - $70
      Castlevania II: Simon's Quest (Good) - $50
      Dick Tracy (Very Good) - $40
      Dragon Warrior 1HP version (Near Mint) - $80

      -All games are in Good condition-

      Golf - $5
      Ironsword - $7
      Goal! - $8
      Skate or Die - $6
      Battle Chess - $8
      NES Nintendo Brand Controller - $9
      NES Nintendo Brand Zapper (Gray) - $6



      Madden '93 - $10 (Good)
      Super Smash TV - $50 (VG)







      Medievil (VG) - $40

      Official RF Adapter (New in Box) - $10


      The Godfather: The Game (VG) - $10

      Lots of Nintendo Powers and most are in excellent condition. Let me know which ones you are looking for.

      Top Secret Passwords Player's Guide - $10
    • By Thecoolestnerdguy
      Hey y’all!
      Yoey and I are Team Chocoblip and we’re here to present our first ever NES project! It’s still untitled for now, we’ve just been calling it Project Chocoblip. We’re hoping to have a fun little  game by the time the NESDev compo deadline comes in a few weeks 🙂.
      Project Chocoblip is a Metroidvania/Adventure platformer about a girl who gets lost in the woods while trying to help her dad collect wood. With only her pom pom as defense, she must now find her way to the top of a mountain to make a signal fire.
      As of right now, the engine we’ve built for the tech demo features:
      Full 8-way scrolling:
      CHR-RAM parallax:
      Arbitrary slopes:
      Throwable pom pom:
      And here’s a bit of full gameplay.
      Here’s some details about the game’s development
      Written exclusively in Wiz. The level editor features a JS port of most of the game logic for immediate feedback.
      Currently using the full fat Famitracker sound driver for easing the composition process. Might change later depending on ROM requirements.
      Art created in Photoshop + NESST + custom editor.
      Build process completely automated from within the custom editor.
      Uses ANROM with 64 KB of PRG. Scrolling is done entirely within a single nametable.
      Among our future goals for the project are:
      Adding enemies/enemy logic.
      Adding other miscellaneous entities: one way platforms, moving platforms, environmental hazards.
      Finish final music with our guest composers.
      Developing a boss.
      Title screen/menus/cutscenes.
      Polish, polish, polish
      I'll try to keep this thread updated as we progress. We'll also often see we talking about the project in either the VGS or NESDev Discord servers.
      Either way, you can find me here if you're into the Tweets land and you can see posts from Yoey here.

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