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Game Night 3/6/2021

What do we wanna play?  

16 members have voted

  1. 1. What do we wanna play?

    • Power Bomberman for pc with lobbies of 12 people
    • Worms for Switch, (tourney style, or just get in groups and play)
    • Goldeneye Source (Goldeneye mutliplayer with 12 people?)
    • Tetris 99
    • Quake through browser
    • Dominating 12, aka risk on the internets
  2. 2. What is your second choice if we get bored? Basically this is the second game we will play if we so choose!!!!!

    • Power Bomberman for pc
    • Worms for Switch
    • Goldeneye Source
    • Tetris 99
    • Quake through browser
    • Dominating 12

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  • Poll closed on 03/02/2021 at 11:00 AM

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I voted Worms and Tetris 99, but I'm also a Bomberman fan so I downloaded Power Bomberman. If we play that game, I think I'll use this Controller:

I selected Bomberman, but I could just as easily have chosen Worms or Goldeneye.  Basically, anything a bit different would be fun and I'm game.  Thanks!

I picked it up, no way I'm paying full price like a CHUMP!

Events Team · Posted
2 minutes ago, spacepup said:

I selected Bomberman, but I could just as easily have chosen Worms or Goldeneye.  Basically, anything a bit different would be fun and I'm game.  Thanks!

we should try out power bomberman tonight!!!!!!  See if it plays well, and practice to wreck some noobs 😉  😆

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    • By Jeevan
      Anybody interested in playing this game?  @Mega Tank, @ChickenTendas, potentially, and myself are interested in playing and would be more than happy if you would like to join.  
      I have never played, but I have watched several youtube vids on it and it seems like a good time.  That being said we would like to voice chat on the VGS Discord so we can discuss.  If you have never heard of this game before, look it up.  If you already play, please join.  
      The game is free to play on mobile and $5 on steam for the pc.  It is cross platform so if you do not wish to cough up the $5 then you do not have to!!!!!!
      The lobby is 10 players max, but we can always rotate folks out, or setup other lobbies as well.
      Maybe this will be the start of something I have wanted to do, which is a biweekly game night.  This could be a fun addition to a mix of games we could all play together.  
      Let me know here, or on discord.  More than happy to have you if you so choose to play!
      Edit:  Guess I might need to post a time when to play.  I am thinking maybe this Saturday if anyone is interested, after 5pm EST.  Suggestions are welcome!
      Also, if you wanna watch, don't have to watch the whole vid, but this is one of the youtubers I found that streams it on the regular:  
    • By Jeevan
      @Mega Tank @spacepup @ZeldaFreak @ChickenTendas @Deadeye @fox @Rooster @Vectrex28 @0xDEAFC0DE @DefaultGen @Gloves @imabadguy1 @SNESNESCUBE64 @drxandy @ZeldaFan042 @Rhapsody98 @andrew244 @Costmosis @darkchylde28 @KokiriChild @Reed Rothchild @RegularGuyGamer @MegaMan52 @Scrobins @neodolphino @FireHazard51 @SailorScoutMandy @Megamanfan @AverageOliver98 @nettenette @Famicuber @Sumez @Dimo @BattySalem  @B.A. @Murray @Br81zad @a3quit4s
      Um, ya, so game night poll, late because maybe it will help you all remember to show up this time 😒.  🤣  Jk, but here ya go, game night 4/17 poll!!!!
    • By FireHazard51
      VGS's bi-weekly game night, this time we will be playing Among Us.  If you haven't played it before you can play for free (w/ ads) on mobile devices or you can purchase the game on Steam for $5.  It's also available on Switch.  The great thing is it's a cross platform game so no matter what you chose you can play  with the group.  Just be sure to join the VGS Discord so you can see the private game code to join the fun.  And also that is where we will have some fun chit chat.  If you are the shy type you don't need to talk though.  For more details on the event check out the thread and vote for what game we may play later in the night; https://www.videogamesage.com/topic/7182-game-night-432021/

    • By Jeevan
      @Mega Tank @spacepup @ZeldaFreak @ChickenTendas @Deadeye @fox @Rooster @Vectrex28 @0xDEAFC0DE @DefaultGen @Gloves @imabadguy1 @SNESNESCUBE64 @drxandy @ZeldaFan042 @Rhapsody98 @andrew244 @Costmosis @darkchylde28 @KokiriChild @Reed Rothchild @RegularGuyGamer @MegaMan52 @Scrobins @neodolphino @FireHazard51 @SailorScoutMandy @Megamanfan @AverageOliver98 @nettenette @Famicuber @Sumez @Dimo @BattySalem  @B.A. @Murray @Br81zad

    • By Jeevan
      Do we want to do a tournament or just play some games?  

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