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NES Deja Vu CIB with Hint Book for $30 Shipped.  Hint Book worth $25+ alone. https://www.ebay.com/itm/Nintendo-Nes-Game-Dejavu-Complete-In-Box-CIB/303388979713


Post your good video game buy auction links here!

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This game is only uncommon, but this cartridge variant was rather difficult for me to find in good condition.  For those hunting variants, or prefering "first run" titles, this is a good one to snatch up.  Since it's OBO, you can probably get this for even less than the asking price.  As I said, Animaniacs is uncommon, but it's also not sought after a lot.


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I'd consider the following pretty good deals for some NES accessory goodness. Had them posted in the hardware club, but thought I'd share them here, too:


Great deal @ ~$65 shipped for a rare licensed NES case, factory sealed:



$32 shipped for a factory sealed rare NES case:



$40 for Messiah NES wireless controllers LE set. These regularly sell for $100+ (last sold $140):



While rare variants are not as popular for accessories as games, this one's a tough one to find and probably unknown to most. I spent years looking to add this to my collection and coincidentally just found a nice one a few weeks ago. Difference here is copyright 1989 vs. the common 1990 copyright. If rarer variants of early licensed accessories ever become as popular as those for games, you can thank me later 😎


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11 minutes ago, Sign Collector Guy said:

Fair price for a nice shelf piece. New old stock 1989 Nintendo Power lunchbox. $24.99. 4 left as I post this. 



Thanks for the post! That was sweet, I had to buy one

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(GBC) Flintstones: Burgertime in Bedrock CIB: $39.99 + 3.90 s/h OBO


The condition looks to be really nice, would definitely say it's worth it at that price, even without the OBO option. With GBC stuff seemingly on the rise currently, it wouldn't surprise me if this game is going for $100 CIB in a couple years.

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Cracked but working CIB 3D Baseball with reg card for $60 shipped. I think that's a solid price if you're just looking to check a pretty uncommon Saturn game off your checklist. When I was collecting Saturn I couldn't even find this game.


Edit: Hope one of you suckers got it.

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