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Star Wars: Sequels vs Prequels

Sequels vs Prequels  

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  1. 1. Pick one

    • Prequels (Phantom Menace, Attack of the Clones, Revenge of the Sith)
    • Sequels (Force Awakens, Last Jedi, Rise of Skywalker)

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The sequel trilogy makes the prequel trilogy look like the original trilogy.  

Is this chili? Or a sith lord? @Jeevan @Mega Tank

The sequel trilogy is going through the same thing the prequel trilogy did. For now a lot of people dislike them, but give it 10-15 more years and people will start saying "Wait, maybe the sequel tril

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I went with the Sequels. Obviously they're nothing compared to the original trilogy, but the only prequel I really enjoy sitting down and watching at all is Revenge of the Sith, and even that movie has some serious problems. The sequels I can sit down and enjoy pretty much any time. The only sequel movie I didn't really enjoy that much was Rise of Skywalker, but honestly I'd still prefer to watch that over Phantom Menace or Attack of the Clones, and the other two sequel movies I did really enjoy.

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Honestly I don't mind either.  Yet I will say I put one down for prequels.  Despite the fact I think Phantom Menace as part of the series is an odd one out, doesn't feel like it belongs at all, and at places royally sucks, there's plenty of redeeming value and the racing parts are just fun.  I tend to watch that one alone, while I can run the others in a series and it just feels right, though I tend to go with the 'machete' order of movies since i learned about it.  Why?  Because if you run #2 and #3 in between that big gap on Empire and Jedi it makes the entire series of 5 there flow with far more sense and reason behind it.

The recent ones are great, but they're also in a way, re-runs, a modern recreation of the older movies.  Not one of them is terrible, but not one is terribly fantastic either.  But let's be honest, even as fans, if we're not being fanboys/girls and rose tinting it up, nothing there is a cinematic masterpiece either with some odd writing and bland acting on the whole despite a few stand outs as it's all cheese and light hearted fun for what it all is despite the darker bits.

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I took the sequels. Force Awakens was awesome and Rise of Skywalker was still really good. TLJ was meh.

On the other hand, Revenge of the Sith was really good. Phantom Menace was okay. Attack of the Clones was a real snoozer, which is the worst thing a movie can be, imo. The sequel trilogy probably would have won the battle in spite of how boring clones was on the strength of Force Awakens. I did enjoy the ending of Rise, even if it was a rehash of the plot from Lost.

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