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VGS Secret Santa Reveal 2020!!!

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This is way, way, way (way) late, but my SS was @Deadeyeand he did awesome! I’m really happy with my gift.

First pic is what I opened on Christmas morning.


I was real pleased with everything, and then last week another package shows up!


I am very happy with everything. Thanks so much!

EDIT: Shout out to my iPhone for flipping the picture 😄

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Think I am setting the record for the latest update, but as they say, better late than never! Package arrived just today, following the trend of several other pieces of mail that I've had delayed by several weeks since December. Viva la Vida No Funding!

The story actually got more fun, as I got a notification that the box woudl be delivered today, after total radio silence for 3 weeks, and then a few hours later I was told that the package was undeliverable and would be sent back to the sender! I fortunately got over to the post office before they closed and managed to confirm that they indeed still had it, but that had I been even a few minutes late, the box would have been on its way back to the great state of MO, and I would be stuck in the not-so-great state of SOL. Fortunately, we avoided all hardships, and I finally got to open my SS gift. I decided to respect the amount of time the shipping ultimately took by capturing it in photos, and I'm glad that I did, as this was a great box! I had forgotten all what I had asked for, but this box reminded me right away! I also liked that each item was individually wrapped. Needless to say, I have a lot of new reading material to work on, and plenty of fun to look forward to. Thanks so much to my Secret Santa for this awesome box!



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