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Console Debate #3: Sony Playstation

How do you rate the Playstation?  

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  1. 1. How do you rate the Playstation?

    • 10/10 GOAT. Greatest console of all time.
    • 9/10 Bad@$$. One of the best.
    • 8/10 Exceptional. Everyone should play it.
    • 7/10 Superior. More than a few games you like.
    • 6/10 Good. You might occasionally enjoy playing it.
    • 5/10 Average. Smack dab in the middle.
    • 4/10 Mediocre. Not something you will go out of your way to play.
    • 3/10 Inferior. There are better alternatives to this.
    • 2/10 Poor. Barely worth turning on.
    • 1/10 Trash. No redeeming features.
    • Haven’t played, but interested.
    • No interest in it.

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No, James' picture has it right; there's a reason SMW controls the way it does, which feels perfectly natural.  But since Nintendo screwed around with the button layout, suddenly Y is run and B is jump on a real SNES controller, when it was established with like 5 billion NES games that B is run/action and A is jump.  If Nintendo had designed the controller the way James has it pictured, SMW would have had Mario run/action with B and jump with A, just like on the NES...

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Right up there with NES and SNES as one of the all-time great consoles. So many genres and styles were invented on this console and it houses several of the greatest games of all time. From a personal

Hundreds of games worth owning (imo).  Symphony of the Night, Metal Gear Solid, Final Fantasy Tactics all place in my top 25.  A million personal favorites such as Fear Effect, G Darius, Treasures of

Playing N64 must be really easy to choose what to play. 

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7 hours ago, DefaultGen said:

This layout would perhaps be the only layout that could add more confusion into the button layout marketplace of ideas.


2 hours ago, Tanooki said:

Uhh James, that right there is blasphemy.  Fix that controller right now, that's an image of nightmares.  B A are in the right place, your hand grips from the four o'clock position so B and A naturally would lay equally spaced apart for your thumb.  As is you can rock the thumb between the two for the primary buttons, otherwise it's a slower(slightly) up down reach for them on your spread.


Hear me out.  It wouldn't be confusing if it had been that way from the beginning.  Modern control schemes were established on the NES with with Super Mario Bros. and subsequent platformers as: A jumps, B shoots, and hold B to run, charge weapon or otherwise augment play.  (A is also the decision button in many games in addition to START.)  In order to play properly, one must hold B to run while being able to hit A to make the long jump. 

The natural position of the thumb in a standard grip is a 45 degree downward angle.  Nintendo fucked up the orientation by rotating the face buttons counterclockwise resulting in an unnatural upward 45 degree slant.  Nintendo even tried to correct the layout in Super Mario World by making Y the run button and B the jump button.  Completely arbitrary.

I largely blame the Game Boy for the incorrect slant but it really started with the NES MAX and Advantage controllers and was later applied to the NES dog bone and SNES controllers.  Here is what a Game Boy should really look like.



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I think the problem is that less-advanced gamers see the two buttons as mutually exclusive: either your thumb is pressing A or it is pressing B.  If that were always the case, having them equi-distant from the tip of your thumb would be ideal, and the dogbone, Game Boy etc would be spot on.  The issue that non-gamers and less-advanced gamers don't realize is that really good platform gamers press both buttons at the same time with different parts of their thumb.  If I'm playing SMB or pretty much any other B-run A-jump game, the tip of my thumb rests on B and the inside of the thumb joint hovers over A to be flexed onto it whenever I need to jump.  This is easy to do on a standard NES or SNES controller (using Y & B instead of B & A), but extremely difficult on a dogbone, Game Boy, etc due to the fact that you suddenly have to put your right thumb at a weird unnatural angle.  Fortunately, Nintendo realized their mistake and fixed it for the layout of B & A on the N64 controller, but by that point it was too late for me, as there are very few platform games I enjoy on that system...

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