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Official VGS Secret Santa 2020 Signup NOW CLOSED

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Ho Ho Ho!   It's that time of the year once again! Sorry I'm a bit late, these flight cancellations to the North Pole have been ridiculous! Welcome to the second annual VGS Secret Santa!   If you

I don't foresee a problem with this. HOWEVER, the problem with this is that if I am not mistaken, you are able to see whoever viewed the document. That said, it could compromise the fun of it being a

Hi everyone! I've just finished updating my list and replying back to emails. Consider this the last call! The deadline is in about two and a half hours. So be sure to get your list in. There are lots

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Administrator · Posted
2 minutes ago, FireHazard51 said:

Seeing so many names from Werewolf game I gotta throw my hat in on this.  I've done a Secrete Santa on SA forums before so should be a fun time again.

Make sure you send your list soon cuz the deadline is... I think tomorrow?

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Administrator · Posted
5 minutes ago, koifish said:

@Secret Santa Sorry if this is a blatant sign of my inability to navigate VGS vs NA, but did you get the message I sent you earlier today with my Secret Santa info? I feel like I sent it, but I can't remember, and moreover I can't find the message outbox, just the inbox.

FYI the in and outbox are the same. All your messages are tracked more as conversations, so you should find it there. 

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  • captmorgandrinker changed the title to Official VGS Secret Santa 2020 Signup LAST DAY
  • captmorgandrinker changed the title to Official VGS Secret Santa 2020 Signup NOW CLOSED
5 hours ago, ryanflucas said:

Not sure if my message made the cutoff? 

I did send you a message a couple hours ago, sorry for the delay.



ANYWAY, I just finished sending out the pairing messages. If you signed up and did NOT get a message, send me a message so the issue can be resolved.

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