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Gloves does Extra Life 2020!

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Huge thanks to @CasualCart for donating his art to the cause!   It's that time of year again! As with every year for the last 8 years, I am participating in Extra Life! On November 7th 2020

Thanks so much to everyone who was able to join me today! I'm calling it at the 22 hour mark due to feeling nauseous; I have a hard stop at "feeling physically ill". Very happy making it 22 hours thou

Just over half an hour to go until Game Day 2020 starts! Like a kid on Christmas I dragged my sleepy ass out of bed and am now prepping myself mentally and physically for the marathon ahead.  I'v

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Thanks so much to everyone who was able to join me today! I'm calling it at the 22 hour mark due to feeling nauseous; I have a hard stop at "feeling physically ill". Very happy making it 22 hours though, especially on around 6 hours of sleep the night prior.

Seriously, the donations and the well wishes and the games we played together, it all means the world to me. And in the end a bunch of money goes to a great cause. 

With a goal of $2250, the total raised came to $2940! Absolutely insane! Of course I am taking donations until the end of the year, so if you're feeling generous every dollar counts, so please feel free to contribute. Remember too that whatever I end the year at will be the base goal for next year! Make me work hard for the money! 😄

Thank you all, and good night!

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1 minute ago, Scrobins said:

@Glovesglad you liked Tanglewood! I caught the end of your gameplay just now. I'll be sure to remind you in a week about buying the cart...especially because watching you made me realize there are multiple endings, and you still need to see the good ending...


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*confetti flies into the air*


Game Day has come and gone, and a few more donations have trickled in, and things have settled down. As the year comes closer and closer to a close I just wanted to toss another quick message cuz this is seriously on my mind regularly lately.

I just feel lucky to be surrounded by such giving people. My own life has somewhat mirrored the progress I've made on Extra Life. There were years where I was having trouble IRL, and those years tended to go poorly, or required some serious extra work to reach the goals. This year, despite covid and everything else, went so smoothly, and we collectively demolished the $2,250 goal by a whole extra half. I just feel super blessed to have all the supportive folks on VGS (and in my professional life) lending your hard earned money to the cause. In a year where ostensibly everyone should probably be pinching their pennies in the face of the unknown, the donations sky rocketed. 

I'm just super thankful, and wanted to say thanks, again. You all rock, seriously.

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    • By Gloves
      STOP! AUCTION TIME! *cue MC Hammer*
      This year as a fun treat for my Extra Life charity fundraising, our good friend @CasualCart has graciously offered up his services as an artiste for the cause! 
      If you want more info on Extra Life and my fundraising in general, check the main thread here: 
      Current High Bid
      Amount: $155 Bidder: Spacepup  
      Details at a Glance
      Here's the quick 'n' dirty of it:
      The winner of the auction will work with CasualCart for him to create a custom digital piece for you There are stipulations which I will go into further below, read on if you plan to bid! WHEN: 
      Begins immediately upon this thread going live Ends Saturday November 7th @ 9pm EST WHERE:
      Right here in this thread! HOW:
      Simply post in this thread how much you want to bid You can bid more than once if you are outbid or if you simply wish to put up more money for charity Bidding will start at $5! Any new bids need to be higher than the current highest or they won't be counted, simply ignored! Bidding will end RIGHT at 9pm EST, new bids will not extend the auction at all, it will be simple: the highest bid when the clock strikes 9 is the winner DO NOT EDIT YOUR BIDS; if you want to change your bid, make a new post with the new number. Don't worry about double posts.   
      Getting Deeper
      Here are the full rules, guidelines, stipulations, all that jazz:
      What you're bidding on
      You are bidding on a custom piece done by @CasualCart. If you've not seen his work before I'd first suggest coming up for air every so often from your underground lair; beyond that, if you click on his name there you can check his posts, many of which contain character art he's done here on the forum. In fact, the artwork in my main Extra Life thread was done by CasualCart! Very cool.
      There are a few stipulations that Cart will be following, and I'd ask that you respect them:
      Any sort of character drawing (multiple characters in the same drawing are fine too, within reason) Rated-G artwork only No copyright infringement (any trademarked characters must be altered for "fair use", meaning a highly transformative piece, like mashups or parody) Only digital copies available; physical/original artwork will not be mailed out If you'd like a physical print, I'd say chat w/ Cart about it; suffice it to say that that is beyond the scope of this auction Why you're bidding
      Well I mean... you've seen this guy's work, right? It's pretty cool to get something custom made, whether it's for a desktop background, a forum avatar, or what have you.
      Beyond the art itself, of course this is for charity - your donations really do go a long way to help kids in need, especially given the current state of the world. I've been doing this for 8 years now and the generosity of my friends (yes, you!) has blown me away time and again.
      Where does the money go?
      Every single penny will go straight to Sick Kids through Extra Life. When the auction ends I will officially declare the winner and will PM that person. I'll ask that you make your donation directly to Extra Life; no money will go through my hands personally, you are committing simply to make a donation to Extra Life through my fundraising page.
      A cool benefit of doing this that way is that by you donating directly to Extra Life yourself, it is tax deductible - you will receive tax info for a credit in the future from Extra Life themselves, something you'd be foregoing if you chose to have me make the donation on your behalf.
      You are able to pay through Extra Life using a credit card directly, or through PayPal, or Amazon Pay.
      If despite the above you'd personally prefer to pay your bid to me for one reason or another, I am happy to do so, despite the above. I would in that case ask that you PayPal me the funds and I will donate on your behalf. Note that doing so would forfeit any tax benefits, etc..
    • By Gloves
      Day 2 Update!
      I'm going to be doing the second part of my stream this Saturday, December 21st! I'll be getting up and starting around 8-9am, and honestly just givin' 'er 'til I give out!
      Come join me as I play games to raise money for kids!
      It's that time of year again! TOMORROW is Game Day!
      I've been so busy lately I've not had a whole lot of time to prep and post about this, but tomorrow I am doing my annual 24 hour gaming marathon live on Twitch!
      Make a Donation!
      Join me as I play games to raise funds for Sick Kids hospital here in Toronto through Extra Life!
      Any donations are so appreciated, this charity really does mean a lot to me! If you can donate please pop by my donor page here:
      I'll be starting at around 8 or 9am EST and going for the full 24 hours. If you make a donation you can request a game! I'm currently setting up the graphics and all my consoles so it should be easier to switch between them and play whatever is requested (or whatever I feel like playing, barring any requests). Hopefully it goes nice and smooth, and hopefully I see some of you there!
      Really looking forward to it, please do come say hi!
    • By Gloves
      Every year for the last 7 years I've participated in Extra Life and this year will be no different! 
      As busy as I've been lately I've not had a whole lot of time to advertise or update or... even plan really. But I am still going to definitely be doing my 24-hour gaming marathon live on Twitch, so please come by and watch me play games, chat, hang out, and maybe donate for the kids!
      For more info check my donor page here: https://www.extra-life.org/index.cfm?fuseaction=donorDrive.participant&participantID=348327
      The tl;dr is that I am raising money for Sick Kids Hospital here in Toronto, playing games for 24 hours live to raise awareness (and test my sanity).
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