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My Nintendo USA Physical Rewards

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As of today I have a complete set聽

Since My Nintendo finally started doing physical rewards in the land of the free, I figured it would be nice to put together a guide while the info is still fresh! Click on each spoiler to view t

It just worked about 5 minutes ago. Got the pin set and cat Mario keychain headed my way 馃

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31 minutes ago, croagunk said:

Just thought I鈥檇 pop in to let you guys know that there are two new rewards: Mario and Luigi Notebook and Nintendo 2021 Calendar. Animal Crossing bags and bandanna are also in stock again.

Thanks for this. Usually I hear about new listings from Reddit but I wasn't very active there today. Managed to cop the two new items and finally put in my order for the ornament and holiday cards. Also saw the Zelda Champion amiibo were all in stock so I ordered one of each. Not that I need any more amiibo! But they will likely be more expensive whenever they get around to selling out.聽

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16 minutes ago, DoctorEncore said:

I claimed the notebook and the calendar, but didn't quite have enough coins for the bandana. If the ornament was back in stock, I totally missed it.

No I claimed the ornament two weeks ago and was just holding onto the code waiting to batch it with more stuff. Gotta stretch that $5 shipping!

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5 minutes ago, MiamiSlice said:

Got the latest rewards in today! My ornament is facing out the side of the box instead of out the front... are others like this? Looks funny 馃榿



Nice! I never got the ornament, but I did grab a few other items recently. I combined them with a real order from the Nintendo Online shop to save on shipping. They actually have these t-shirts that come in collectible packaging. I decided to splurge and grab a few as display pieces and one extra small for my son to wear.


Super Mario Bros. 35th Anniversary: Super Mario Bros. Tee front and box

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5 hours ago, MiamiSlice said:

My Nintendo just announced an event in Super Mario Bros. 35 that can earn you 350 platinum points:聽https://my.nintendo.com/news/f75c197fec437f69

Looks fun but FYI you need an NSO subscription to participate.聽

Nice. I need to hop on this weekend and give this a shot.

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