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Massive Nintendo of America list

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A year ago, I started putting together a chronological list of NOA products just for fun, to see what I'd learn.  I ended up diving deep enough that the result was a list I believe to be more thorough than can be found in any one place.  I recently polished it up into a more convenient format, and I'm sure there are some here that could make use of it, so I'll post a link.

This information shouldn't be taken as absolutely definitive, and I'm always adjusting things when I learn more.  I regret not keeping track of specific sources along the way; I used everything from ancient forum posts to newspaper ads to narrow down release dates, along with my own memory of when items were available or advertised.  I did use a color-coding system to reflect my level of certainty for each date.

If anyone thinks there's a better way to do this, or to do the same thing for other companies/regions, you're free to use it as a base and take it in your own direction as long as you link back to it.  I appreicate any information you can give me to add, but be sure to read the FAQ first; if something is missing, there's a good chance there's a reason for it.  Here's a link that will stay updated:


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A year ago, I started putting together a chronological list of NOA products just for fun, to see what I'd learn.  I ended up diving deep enough that the result was a list I believe to be more thorough

You just gonna sit there and take this? @Mario_Friend1982

I added the sneaky My Nintendo rewards from last week, and specified for each card pack whether it's random or a fixed set, along with the number of cards.

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A few missing items have been added after confirming that they're Nintendo-produced.  Namely, the Pokémon Emerald tin and soundtracks for both Twilight Princess and Twilight Princess HD.  These are all in the (1) pre-order bonus or (2) Nintendo Power subscription bonus categories; there's a chance there are more items in those categories where Nintendo can be confirmed as the publisher, so I'd appreciate any information on those from experts on the subject.  And if anyone knows of a thorough guide to either of those categories already out there, that would be great.


If you have specific examples to share, just remember that the producers of these categories of items are usually third-party, and typically can only be confirmed to be first-party if they're in the form of certain types of media. (In the Emerald tin's case, the printed materials it contains are conclusive enough).  If you're not sure what I mean, I'd be glad to get more specific about why over any suggested items.

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I've added a few items in the above-mentioned categories, namely the Nintendo Power Advance Headphones and two different Banjo-Kazooie soundtracks.  For the next step, I want to add all of the posters and other printed materials such as decals that were obtained through Nintendo Power or its catalog, but were not included in the issues themselves.  I currently don't have access to many of the catalogs between 1994 and 1999.  Is there anyone who can help with that?

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