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F/S NES Collection! 2021 Sale! CIB, loose, Aftermarket, Homebrew, Hacks, DM me!

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2021 Sale Thread -E-mail jasonrippard@yahoo.com for questions -Buyer pays shipping (unless otherwise stated) -Ships to North America Only -Prices made based on condition -Parting out items consi

Mail_Bag, Glad to see you here buddy. Good luck with the sales! Can confirm this dude is awesome to work with.

Free bump for a fantastic seller!

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    • By SealedWholesale
      NES CIB LOT 1
      marble madness
      commando ht
      mickey mouse
      mike tyson punch out  rev-a
      pac man
      excitebike ht

      SNES CIB Lot #1:

      pocky rocky 2
      mega man x3
      power rangers
      rock n roll racing
      final fantasy ii
      final fantasy iii
      secret of man
      breath of fire
      zelda alttp
      Genesis Lot CIB #1:
      mega turrican
      battletoads double
      toejam panic
      turtles hyperstone
      splatterhouse 3
      gunstar heroes
      sonic knuckles

      NES Cart Lot 1:

      Title Qty chiller 2 Crystal Palace 2 Donkey Kong Classics 2 double dragon 2 Dragon Warrior ii 2 Dynatron City 2 felix 2 Final Fantasy 2 jackie chan 2 kickmaster 2 Lolo 3 2 Mega Man 5 2 Metal Storm 2 metroid 1 2 Mickey Numbers 2 tmnt 2 2 zelda gold x2
      Dragon Warrior IV
      Battletoads 3 Beetlejuice 3 Bucky O'hare 3 Castlevania 3 3 Mega Man 2 3 TMNT 3 3 Bubble Bobble 1 4 Castlevania 4 mario 3 4 Mega Man 1 4 mega man 4 4 mega man 6 4 ninja gaiden iii 4 mario duck hunt 5 tecmo super bowl 5 mike tyson punch out 7 Adventure Island 3   bart space mutants   batman   batman joker   Bomberman ii   bonk   Bram Dracula   casino kid 2   Chip N Dale 2   Contra   cv1 w manual   Darkwing Duck   Dino City   dk math with manual   Donkey Kong 3   Donkey Kong JR math   Dragon Warrior iii       Dragonstrike   Duck Tales 2   ducktales   dw 1   dw 3       Frankenstein   Ghenghis Khan   Ghousts and Goblins   godzilla   godzilla 2   Guantlet 2   Ikari iii   indiana jones last   jetsons   kirby's adventure   Legacy of the wizard   lethal weapon   lolo 1   mario 2   maxi 15   miracle piano   MTV   nightmare on elm street   Ninja Brothers   ninja gaiden 1   overlord   p'radikus   pac man tengen   paperboy   punchout   rainbow island   Ren Stimpy Buckeroos   robocop 2   SCAT   secret scout   shadowgate   smb 2   Snow brothers   Soccer   soccer ultimate   Street cop   super c   tmnt tf   TMNT tournament   toki   totally rad   Toxic Crusaders   treasure master   trolls   turtles 1   uninvited   vice   volleyball   Wacky Races   wally bear   Waynes World   Where's Waldo   wrecking crew w manual   Wrestlemania   xcitebike   zelda 1 grey   bubble bobble 2
      chip n dale 2
      powerblade 2
      zombie nation
      dragon warrior iv
      felix the cat
      ninja gaiden iii
      gun nac
      mario 3 left bros

      Nintendo Power lot:
      power # 73 66 20 38 21 25 42 18 59 33 37
      mario rpg guide
      mario advance 2 guide
      dk secrets
      mario 3 advance guide
      Gamecube lot #1 (5 consoles and games)
      3 Gamecube consoles (1 JPN Orange, 2 NTSC)
      matching gameboy player attatchments
      1 JPN gameboy player disc
      2 GBA console
      Gameboy advance GBA gameshark
      Mario Sunshine
      zelda tp


    • By Scrobins
      VGS Homebrew on the Horizon:
      Whereas the purpose of the VGS Homebrew Almanac is to keep an up-to-date list of cartridge homebrew releases that are currently available or whose production runs have ended, this list will provide an up-to-date list of cartridge homebrew releases within sight to one degree or another.
      Part I of this list will include live pre-orders, either through the developer’s website or a crowdfunding page such as Kickstarter or Indiegogo.
      Part II of this list will only include homebrew games that previously had pre-orders open, but which are now closed (e.g. a crowdfunding campaign has ended and no further pre-orders are being taken). This section will serve as a sort of limbo for games that will be available soon and will therefore soon be moved to the Homebrew Almanac. Completed roms for games where the developer is planning or considering a physical cart run will also be found here.
      Part III of this list will be devoted to homebrew projects that developers have announced are in the works, but which are not yet available for pre-order, though demos may have been released to whet our appetites. The line between which projects have been abandoned and which retain a glimmer of hope is a fuzzy one, so developers please pm me if you wish to be added/removed.
      Part IV is dedicated to the memory of homebrew projects which, as far as I can tell, have been abandoned. This may be because the developer has gone dormant on this project or in general, or a developer had a page for this game that has since vanished. May they one day be resurrected.
      Links will be to a game’s individual page, development blog, VGS thread, Twitter account, or some combination thereof to provide the community with the best possible access to news. But if developers would like me to link elsewhere, please tell me.
      *The usual disclaimer, I am sure that there are mistakes and games that slipped my attention in what follows. Feel free to point them out or inform us all of a change in a game's status. If you are the creator of a game and you would like to have your work included at a set date/time, please feel free to send me a pm. 
      Part I: Homebrew Available for Pre-Order
      NES/Famicom Available for Pre-Order:
      -8bit Music Power $55 CIB Link
      -8bit Music Power Final $55 CIB Link
      -The Assembly Line Game Jam 2021 $40 C Link
      -Blazing Rangers €55 CIB Link
      -Choumiryou-Party (FC) ¥9000 CIB Link
      -Dungeons & Doomknights $48 CIB Link
      -Full Quiet $60 CIB Link
      -Ghoul Grind: Night of the Necromancer $55 CIB Link
      -Hack*Match $40 CIB Link
      -Jim Power $50 CIB Link
      -Kira Kira Star Night DX $55 CIB Link
      -KUBO 3 $40 CIB Link
      -The Magnilo Case $50 CIB Link
      -Ooze Redux $50 CIB Link
      -Orange Island £100 CIB Link
      -Pico Pico (Basse Def Adventures) (FC) Link
      -Reknum: Fantasy of Dreams €65 CIB Link
      -Soko Banana $60 CIB Link
      -Tapeworm Disco Puzzle £50 CIB Link
      -Zdey the Game €50 CIB Link
      SNES Available for Pre-Order:
      -Eyra - The Crow Maiden $50 CIB Link
      Game Boy Available for Pre-Order:
      -Deadeus £42 CIB Link
      -Doc Cosmos £40 CIB Link
      -The First Project €25 C Link
      -Genesis $45 CIB Link
      -IndestructoTank! £45 CIB Link
      -POWA! €50 CIB Link
      -The Shapeshift €35 CIB Link
      Game Boy Advance Available for Pre-Order:
      Sega Master System Available for Pre-Order:
      -Bara Burū €45 CIB Link
      -Flight of Pigarus €50 CIB Link
      Genesis/Mega Drive Available for Pre-Order:
      -A(...)M(...)96 $169 CIB Link
      -Alien Cat 2 $60 CIB Link
      -Bone Marrow $60 CIB Link
      -Demons of Asteborg €60 CIB Link
      -Eyra - The Crow Maiden $50 CIB Link
      -Fight for Vengeance $50 CIB Link
      -Irena Genesis Metal Fury €45 CIB Link
      -Papi Commando - Second Blood €45 CIB Link
      -Reknum: Fantasy of Dreams €60 CIB Link
      Turbografx-16 Available for Pre-Order:
      -Electronic Lifestyle (chiptune by Remute) €35 C Link
      Part II: Pre-Orders Closed or Completed But Not Yet Released on Cart
      NES/Famicom Pre-Order Closed or Will be Available Soon:
      -Action 53, Volume 4: Actually 54 Link
      -Dead Tomb Link
      -F-O (FC) Link
      -Gamer Quest (fka Nintendo Quest) Link
      -Goofy Foot: Power Chiptunes (chiptune)
      -KUBO 1&2 Link
      -Mystic Searches Link
      -Nix: The Paradox Relic Link
      -Nova the Squirrel Link
      -Saturn Smash Link
      -Utakata Synopsis (FC) Link
      -What Remains Link
      SNES Pre-Order Closed or Will be Available Soon:
      Game Boy Pre-Order Closed or Will be Available Soon:
      -Black Castle Link
      Game Boy Advance Pre-Order Closed or Will be Available Soon:
      Sega Master System Pre-Order Closed or Will be Available Soon:
      Genesis/Mega Drive Pre-Order Closed or Will be Available Soon:
      -Jessie Jaeger in Cleopatra's Curse Link
      -Paprium $169 CIB Link 
      -Phantom Gear $50 CIB Link
      Part III: Homebrew In-Development
      NES/Famicom In-Development:
      -Adventures in Cavyverse Link
      -Alien Isolation Link
      -Alwa's Awakening Link
      -Bat Lizard Bonanza
      -Cityzen Link
      -Cobol's Laboratory Link
      -Depths Link & Link
      -Dimension Shift Link & Link
      -Diversion Link
      -Fie (chiptune by Zi) Link
      -Force Bot Link
      -Former Dawn Link
      -Gulpy Link
      -Gypsum and the Travelers Link
      -Halcyon Link & Link
      -The Inversion Project Link
      -Jester Link
      -Janus Link
      -The Last Tower Link
      -Level Zero (chiptune by Zi) Link
      -Light from Within Link
      -The Meating Link
      -Moon Fest (FC)
      -Nessy!! The NES Robot Link
      -"Project Borscht" (a Frankengraphics tale) Link
      -Retro Artists of the Future, Vol 1. (chiptune compilation)
      -Retro Space Championship Link
      -Rumblefest '89 Link
      -Sam’s Journey Link
      -Saru★Kani Panic Link
      -Save the Leopard Cats! (FC)
      -Slow Mole Link
      -Space Soviets Link
      -Super Hiking League Link
      -Super Tilt Bros. Link
      -Swords & Runes 2
      -Sydney Hunter and the Caverns of Death Link
      -The Tenth Knight Link
      -Touhou Rououmu (FC) Link
      -Vice: Magic City Mayhem Link
      -The White Room Link
      -Witch N' Wiz Link
      -Yeah Yeah Beebiss II
      -(untitled Chinese New Year game) (ITG-Soft) (FC)
      -(untitled RPG) (in association with Amaweks) Link
      SNES In-Development:
      -Biz-Billes Link
      -Danmaku Link
      -Justice Beaver – The Great Timber Tantrum Link
      -Nova the Squirrel 2 Link
      Game Boy In-Development:
      -4000AD (chiptune by PROTODOME) Link
      -Coria and the Sunken City Link
      -Gelatinous: Humanity Lost Link
      -Genesis Link
      -Green Cube Link
      -Infinity Link
      -Pet the Dog Link
      -Postal Pete Link
      -The Third Shift Link
      -(untitled Tronimal chiptune) Link
      Game Boy Advance In-Development:
      -Goodboy Galaxy Link
      Sega Master System In-Development:
      -Voyage – A Sorceress’ Vacation Link
      Genesis/Mega Drive In-Development:
      -Affinity:Sorrow Link
      -The Alexandra Project Link & Link
      -Alice Sisters Link
      -Apeel’s Court Link & Link
      -Arapuca Link
      -Aratu Brothers + Shaolin Carcará Link
      -ASAP PLZ Link
      -Bio Evil Link
      -Bite the Bullet: First Course Link
      -Crypt of Dracula Link
      -The Cursed Knight Link
      -Dreams Link
      -Ellenica: Dusk of the Gods Link
      -HorgiHugh Link
      -Insane Pain Link
      -Journey to Oblivion Link
      -Lethal Wedding Link
      -Mega Darkula Link
      -Perlin & Pinpin Link
      -Shrine Maiden Shizuka Link
      -Space Madness Link
      -Thunder Paw Link
      -Verge World: Icarus Rising Link
      -YM2020 (chiptune) Link
      -ZPF Link
      Part IV: Homebrew Purgatorio
      NES/Famicom In-Development:
      -Almost Hero 2 Link
      -Balls and Booty Link
      -The Banketh Link
      -Bleu Bleu Link
      -Copper Jacket Link
      -Cotton & Candy Link
      -Deal or No Deal
      -Family Vacation
      -The Gift of Discernment (aka Isometric Horror Game) Link & Link
      -High Noon Knockout
      -In Cod We Trust
      -Isolation Link
      -Isshokuta Link
      -Knil Link
      -Malasombra Link
      -NOFX Cover Cart Link
      -Project P Link
      -Rival Swarms
      -Roniu's Tale Link
      -Saturday Man Link
      -Space Beats
      -Super Smash Bros. NES Link
      -The Sword of Ianna Link
      -Transamnia Link
      -The Wizard: Story Unknown Link
      -You Only Live Thrice
      -(untitled game by iamerror) Link
      -(untitled game by Punch) Link
      SNES In-Development:
      -Dorven Digger Link
      Game Boy In-Development:
      -Frog Knight Link
      -Last Crown Warriors Link
      Game Boy Advance In-Development:
      Sega Master System In-Development:
      -DARC Link
      -Dead Gunner Link
      -Lain vs. the Castle of Evil Link
      -Lost Raider Link
      Genesis/Mega Drive In-Development:
      -Chant Link
      -The Chaos Citadel Link
      -Field of Nightmares
      -Kung Fu UFO Link
      -Magot Link
      -Moonrider Link
      -The Shifting Catacombs Link
      -The Viking and the Ninja Link & Link
      -Wanted Link
      -We Got Dungeons Link
      Part V: Malebolge
    • By Scrobins
      VGS Homebrew Almanac formerly known as The Currently Available Homebrew Thread:
      The purpose of this thread is to keep an up-to-date list of cartridge homebrew releases that are currently in production for the NES, SNES, Game Boy, Game Boy Advance, Sega Master System, and Genesis. This list is for those who need their homebrew right now (well, now plus shipping time and something for the tax man).
      For those looking for NES homebrew roms, NESworld is the place to go.
      For those curious what is included in each entry of the Action 53 series, NESdev has a wiki for you.
      Part I of this list will only include currently available physical releases (available that is, from the original producer (I can't watch every eBay auction). Hacks, repros, and re-releases will not be included (but this might be a good place to also flag pirated work so we can call out theft where it happens). This list will include games as well as chiptune carts. Variants can be included where there is a substantive difference in gameplay; limited editions, variants of the physical cart itself, or minor in-game differences will not be distinguished.
      Part II of this list will include defunct homebrew games that are no longer available from their original source but can be found on the secondary market. This section is intended to serve as a reference for collectors new and old who wish to enrich their collections as well as their lives with what was once brewed but alas is brewed no more (at least until Ferris re-posts his fairly exhaustive Aftermarket Price Guide here or on a dedicate site).
      For simplicity’s sake, links will be to a game’s individual page/thread (or as close as possible). 
      *Please note, I am sure that there are mistakes and games that slipped my attention in what follows. Feel free to point them out or inform us all of a change in a game's status. If you are the creator of a game and you would like to have your work included at a set date/time, please feel free to send me a pm. 
      Part I: The Currently Available Homebrew List
      Currently Available NES/Famicom Releases:
      -0-to-X NA Edition $75 CIB Link
      -2 in 1 Geminim/Siamond $27 C Link
      -8Bit Rhythm Land $45 CIB Link
      -8-bit XMAS 2017 $75 C Link
      -8-bit XMAS 2019 $46 C Link
      -8-bit XMAS 2020 $48 C Link
      -Action 53, Volume 2: Double Action 53 $48 CIB Link
      -Action 53 Volume 3: Revenge of the Twins $50 CIB Link
      -Alfonzo's Arctic Adventure $40 CIB Link
      -Almost Hero $50 CIB Link
      -AO $35 CIB Link
      -Armed for Battle $52 CIB Link
      -Assimilate $35 C Link
      -Basse Def Adventures €31 CIB  Link
      -Battle Kid Dangerous Trap $20 CIB Link
      -Battle Kid: Fortress of Peril $36 C Link
      -Battle Kid 2: Mountain of Torment $49 CIB Link
      -Beat ‘Em $30 C Link
      -Beerslinger $35 CIB Link
      -Billionaire Banshee $50 CIB Link
      -Black Box Challenge $40 C Link
      -Bovinium Quest $30 CIB Link
      -Candelabra: Estoscerro $60 CIB Link
      -Carpet Shark $50 CIB Link
      -Chumlee's Adventure: The Quest for Pinky $67.50 CIB Link
      -Chunkout 2 $25 C Link
      -City Trouble $35 CIB Link
      -Creepy Brawlers $50 CIB Link
      -Doodle World $55 CIB Link
      -Draiocht $40 CIB Link
      -Dushlan $40 CIB Link
      -Eskimo Bob $30 C Link
      -Exit Loop $30 CIB Link
      -Expedition $75 CIB + Cards Link
      -Eyra-The Crow Maiden $50 CIB Link
      -Family Picross $40 CIB Link
      -Flea! £50 CIB Link
      -Galactic Ascension $45 CIB Link
      -Get'em Gary! $40 CIB Link
      -Gotta Protectors: Amazon’s Running Diet $40 C Link
      -Haradius Zero (FC) ¥10,000 CIB  Link
      -Haradius Zero (NES) $60 CIB Link
      -Haratyler (FC) ¥6,000 CIB Link
      -Haunted: Halloween '85 $60 CIB Link (NES) & $45 C Link (FC)
      -Haunted: Halloween '86 $60 CIB Link (NES) & $45 C Link (FC)
      -HBWC 2012 $45 C Link
      -The Incident: Remastered $60 CIB Link
      -Justice Duel $45 CIB Link
      -Kirakira Star Night DX (FC) $53 CIB Link
      -KUBO 3 $30 C PM dale_coop
      -Little Medusa $60 CIB Link
      -Lizard (NES) $55 CIB Link & €45 CIB Link; (FC) €45 CIB Link
      -Log Jammers $50 CIB Link
      -Lucky Penguin $50 CIB Link
      -Machine Cave $40 CIB Link
      -Meteor Swarm $35 C Link
      -Micro Mages €45 CIB Link; (FC) €45 CIB Link
      -Mojonian Tales $48 CIB Link
      -More Glider $35 C Link
      -Multidude $40 CIB Link
      -Mystic Origins $50 CIB Link
      -Mystic Pillars $36 C Link
      -Nebs 'n Debs $48 CIB Link; (FC) €45 CIB Link
      -Neo Heiankyo Alien (FC) $45 CIB Link
      -NES Virus Cleaner $35 CIB Link
      -Nighttime Bastards $47 CIB Link
      -Ninja I & II $49 CIB Link
      -Oof McBrewster $45 CIB Link
      -Pegs $30 C Link
      -Ploid €40 CIB Link
      -Porun-chan no Onigiri Daisuki ¥7,963 CIB Link
      -Power Coloring $35 C Link
      -Project Blue $60 CIB Link & 50 €CIB Link
      -Quadralords $35 C Link
      -Quest Forge - By Order of Kings $40 Link
      -Rainbow Brite: Journey to the Rainbow Land €39,90 CIB Link
      -Rollie $60 CIB Link
      -Snakky $20 CIB Link
      -Solaris $35 C Link
      -Space Raft $60 CIB Link
      -Spook-o'-tron $48 CIB Link
      -Study Hall $33 C Link
      -Super NeSnake 2 $34 C Link
      -Super Painter $40 CIB Link
      -Swords and Runes RE $45 CIB Link
      -Swords and Runes III LE $250 CIB Link
      -Swords and Runes III NA $75 CIB Link
      -Troll Burner $20 C Link
      -Trophy $60 CIB Link
      -Twelve Seconds $35 C Link
      -Twin Dragons €45 CIB Link; (FC) €45 CIB Link
      -Uchūsen €30 CIB Link
      -UXO RE $35 CIB PM Neodolphino
      -Wampus C PM johnvanderhoe &  Link
      -Wart Worm Wingding C PM johnvanderhoe &  Link
      Currently Available NES/Famicom Music Carts:
      -8Bit Music Power Final $33 CIB Link
      -A Hole New World Soundtrack (chiptune) $45 CIB Link (NES) & €40 CIB Link (FC)
      -bitpuritans: 2A03 Puritans RE $50 C Link
      -Creeping it Real $40 CIB Link
      -Famicompo Pico 2014 $50 C Link
      -Famimimidi $200 C Link
      -Mega Ran: RNDM $50 CIB Link
      -Sergio Elisondo: A Winner Is You $35 C Link
      -Zi: Quiet $35 C Link
      -Zi: Silicon Statue $35 C Link
      -Zi: Thornbury $35 C Link
      -Zi: [Welcome to] Eville $35 C Link
      Currently Available SNES/Super Famicom Releases:
      -Fork Parker's Crunch Out $50 CIB Link
      -The Last Super $30 C Link
      -Little Medusa $60 CIB Link
      -Nekotako $72 CIB Link
      -Old Towers $50 CIB Link
      -Quiz Impact Habit's Great Adventure (SFC) ¥10,780 CIB Link
      -Super Sudoku $40 C Link
      -Sydney Hunter & the Caverns of Death $40 CIB Link
      -Yo Yo Shuriken $50 CIB Link
      Currently Available SNES/Super Famicom Music Carts:
      -The Cult of Remute €36 C Link
      Currently Available Game Boy/Game Boy Color Releases:
      -Airaki $15 C Link
      -Another Dracula's Castle ¥4,730 CIB Link
      -Bingo Machine ¥3,480 C Link
      -Bonesy $15.27 C Link
      -Cubic Style GB Flash Cartridge with Illustration ¥1,000 C Link
      -Dangan $25 C Link
      -Death Planet $15 C Link
      -Die and Retry $15 C Link
      -Dimeo's Jukebox $69.69 CAD CIB Link
      -Dino's Offline Adventure $15 C Link
      -DMG Deals Damage $15 C Link
      -Dracula’s Castle ¥4,400 CIB Link
      -Dragonborne £40 CIB Link
      -Escape 2042 $30 CIB Link
      -GB Dot Illustration (Quiz Impact Illustration Collection) (GB Color) ¥4,500 C Link
      -GB Dot Illustration (Technos Japan Kon) ¥4,200 C Link
      -GB Dot Illustration (Tomoe Yamane-Game Impact Collaboration) ¥4,000 C Link
      -Guns & Riders $15 C Link
      -Infinitron $20 CIB Link
      -Into the Blue $25 C Link
      -Leo Legend €25 C Link
      -Lunar Journey €25 C Link
      -Micro Doctor €25 C Link
      -Mona and the Witch's Hat Deluxe $25 C Link
      -Petris $15 C Link
      -Quartet $15 C Link
      -Quest Arrest $35 CIB Link
      -Quiz Impact Habit’s Great Adventure ¥5,550 CIB Link
      -Repair-chan's Repair Daisakusen ¥ 6,380 CIB Link
      -Retroid $20 CIB Link
      -The Retrospekt.com.au Retro Gaming Museum The Game AVCon 2019 $15.27 C Link
      -Saeko-sensei’s Sex Appeal Blackjack ¥5,280 CIB Link
      -Sheep it Up! $15 C Link
      -Submarine 9 €25 C Link
      -Tobu Tobu Girl Deluxe €49 CIB Link
      -Tower of Hanoi $15 C Link
      -Where is my body? €34 CIB Link
      Currently Available Game Boy Music Carts:
      -ASM 2016 Christmas Card $25 C Link
      -Heebie-GBs 2014 $40 C Link
      -Heebie-GBs 2019 $40 C Link
      Currently Available GBA Releases:
      -HomeBrew GamePack $40 C (?) Link
      -Miko Para ¥4,500 CIB Link
      -Motocross Challenge $40 C (?) Link
      -Powder $35 CIB Link
      -XE GamePack $50 C (?) Link
      Currently Available Sega Master System Releases:
      -Heroes Against Demons €45 CIB Link
      -Prisonnier 2 €45 CIB Link
      Currently Available Genesis/Mega Drive Releases:
      -16Bit Rhythm Land $60 CIB Link
      -Arkagis Revolution $50 CIB Link (Mega Cat) & €45 CIB Link (Broke Studio)
      -Balaio de Jogos (4-in-1) 99.90 R$ CB Link
      -Cannon Fire Chaos $50 CIB Link
      -Coffee Crisis $50 CIB Link
      -The Curse of Illmoore Bay $60 CIB Link
      -Debtor $60 CIB Link
      -Devwill Too $50 CIB Link
      -Escape 2042 $40 CIB Link
      -Foxy Land $60 CIB Link
      -Gluf $50 CIB Link
      -Handy Harvy $35 CIB Link
      -Kromasphere YAGAC MD $35 CIB Link
      -L'Abbaye des Morts $45 CIB Link
      -Little Medusa $55 CIB Link
      -Mega Casanova $29 CIB Link
      -Mega Marble World $35 CIB Link
      -Mega Quadro Pong $44.75 CIB Link
      -MegaXmas ’89 $30 C Link
      -Metal Blast 2277 $32 CIB Link
      -Misplaced $50 CIB Link
      -Old Towers $50 CIB Link
      -Racer $29 CIB Link
      -Romeow & Julicat $50 CIB Link
      -Smiley & Smiley $29 CIB Link
      -Super Heavy Duty $35 CIB Link
      -Tanzer $50 CIB Link
      -Tanglewood $50 CIB Link
      -Xeno Crisis £55 CIB Link
      -Xump 2 €24.37 CIB Link & Link
      -Yazzie $50 CIB Link
      Currently Available Genesis/Mega Drive Music Carts:
      -genMDM $80 C Link
      -Remute: Technoptimistic €33 Link
       Currently Available Game Gear Releases:
      -Hamburgers En Route to Switzerland $39 C Link
       Currently Available TurboGrafx 16 Releases (HuCARD only):
      -Atlantean $68 CIB Link
      Part II: Defunct Homebrew or Sorry But Your Homebrew is in Another Castle
      No Longer Available NES/Famicom Releases:
      -1007 Bolts/Hammers/Gifts
      -8-bit XMAS 2008
      -8-bit XMAS 2009
      -8-bit XMAS 2010
      -8-bit XMAS 2011
      -8-bit XMAS 2012
      -8-bit XMAS 2013
      -8-bit XMAS 2014
      -8-bit XMAS 2015
      -8-bit XMAS 2016
      -8-bit XMAS 2018
      -Action 53, Volume 1: Function 16 Volume One "Streemerz Bundle"
      -Alter Ego
      -Astro Ninja Man (FC)
      -Basic Championship Wrestling
      -Blade Buster
      -Blow ‘Em Out
      -Bomb Sweeper
      -Box Boy
      -Brilliant Pebbles
      -Bust A Nut: Flight of the Harbinger
      -Candelabra: Estoscerro
      -Commie Killer
      -Commie Killer featuring Jeffrey Wittenhagen
      -Console Killer
      -Convention Quest
      -Cornball Cocksuckers
      -Cowlitz Gamers Adventure
      -Cowlitz Gamers Second Adventure
      -Cross-Strait Independence
      -CTWC 2018: The Archives
      -D+Pad Hero
      -D+Pad Hero 2
      -Dragon Boat (FC)
      -Dragon Feet
      -Dragon Leap
      -Final Fantasy VII
      -Flappy Bird
      -Frankengraphics Concept Cart
      -Freecell LE
      -From Below
      -Garage Cart
      -Germ Squashers
      -The Grind
      -Gruniożerca 2
      -Gruniożerca 3
      -Halloween Scare Cart 2015
      -Halloween Scare Cart 2016
      -Halloween Scare Cart 2017
      -Halloween Scare Cart 2018
      -Hungry Ghost Night (FC)
      -Ilevan (FC)
      -The Incident
      -Jay & Silent Bob: Mall Brawl
      -Jet Paco
      -Juhannusolumppialaiset 2017
      -Juhannussauna 2016
      -Kevin Power in Concert Carnage
      -Kevin Power in Too Many Games
      -KHAN Games 4-in-1 Retro Gamepak
      -Kira Kira Star Night DX
      -LAN Master
      -Larry and the Long Look for a Luscious Lover
      -Larry and the Long Look for a Luscious Lover: Engagement Edition
      -Lawn Mower
      -Legends of Owlia
      -Mad Wizard
      -Midwest Gaming Classic 2011
      -Miles Con 2016
      -Mr. Splash
      -NA Halloween 2009
      -NAGE Hunt
      -Ninja Slapper
      -Nomolos: Storming the Catsle
      -Peace Love Trippy Club (FC)
      -Perfect Pair
      -Random Insult Generator
      -RC 2 Rally (FC) Link
      -Retro Homebrew Championships 2015
      -Rick Roll'd
      -Rise of Amondus
      -Rock, Paper, Scissors
      -RSM Cart 2011
      -RSM Cart 2012
      -SGT Helmet
      -Sir Abadol
      -Sitten Kitten
      -Slappin' Bitches
      -Sly Dog Studios 3-in-1 2P Pak
      -Sneak ‘n Peek
      -Space Foxes
      -Star Keeper
      -Star Versus
      -Sudoku 2007
      -Super Bat Puncher Demo
      -Super Russian Roulette
      -Super Uwol
      -Tailgate Party
      -Tic Tac XO
      -Tower Defense 1990
      -The Tower of Turmoil
      -Turtle Rescue: Unhatched DX
      -Turtle Rescue: Unwrapped
      -Ultimate Frogger Champion
      -Vegetablets Go (NES & FC)
      -VGBS Gaming Podcast Season 1
      -Zooming Secretary
       No Longer Available NES/Famicom Music Carts:
      -_node: d3ad_form4t
      -8Bit Music Power
      -Alex Mauer: Color Caves
      -Alex Mauer: Vegavox
      -Alex Mauer: Vegavox II
      -Alwa's Awakening Soundtrack
      -Anamanaguchi: Dawn Metropolis
      -Anamanaguchi: Endless Fantasy
      -Anamanaguchi: Power Supply
      -animal style: Teletime
      -Chip Maestro (for making music!)
      -Holly Jolly NES Mix
      -King Gizzard and the Lizard Wizard: Polygondwanaland
      -King Gizzard and the Lizard Wizard: Polygondwanaland 2nd Release
      -Kreese: PAL Project
      -Moonfall: A Legend of Zelda Compilation
      -Puzzle Boys: Duck Tails
      -RTC: Years Behind
      -Super Synth Drums Cart
      -Zao: Reformat/Reboot
      -Zi: Four
      No Longer Available SNES/Super Famicom Releases:
      -16-bit XMAS 2011
      -16-bit XMAS 2012
      -Frog Feast
      -Kaizou Choujin Shubibinman Zero
      No Longer Available Game Boy Releases:
      -Super Connard
      -Super Jetpack DX
      -The Warp Coin Catastrophe
      No Longer Available Game Boy Music Carts:
      -The Mist Toggles: Boneless
      -Nonfinite: Plus/Minus
      -Tronimal: Hello_World!
      No Longer Available GBA Releases:
      -Anguna: Warriors of Virtue
      No Longer Available GBA Releases:
      -Doctor Popular: Destroy All Presets
      No Longer Available Sega Master System Releases:
       -Sydney Hunter & The Sacred Tribe
      No Longer Available Genesis/Mega Drive Releases:
      -16Bit Rhythm Land
      -30 Years of Nintendon't
      -ASCII Wars
      -Beach Volley
      -Bomb on Basic City
      -Code Eliminator
      -Double Symbol
      -FX Unit Yuki
      -Game Panic II
      -Germ Squashers
      -Griel’s Quest
      -Hangman SG
      -Humiliation Nation
      -IK+ Deluxe
      -Megagames Almanac
      -Mega Cheril Perils
      -Papi Commando
      -Pier Solar and the Great Architects
      -Return to Genesis
      -Sacred Line
      -Star J
      -T*Gun II
      -Uwol Quest for Money
      -War in the Machine
      -Zooming Secretary
       No Longer Available Genesis/Mega Drive Music Carts:
      -Eternalist: A Telefuture Compilation
      -Freezedream: Today
      -Hyperdub: Konsolation (bundled with Analogue Mega Sg)
      -Tanglewood Soundtrack
      -TH4 D34D: Future 2612
    • By Scrobins
      Hey everyone, I've launched my blog series A Homebrew Draws Near! It covers new homebrew games coming into existence, discussing their development, gameplay, and most importantly share fun stories from the development team!
      In addition to its place in the blog section of VGS, this thread will share links to each entry as it’s made and provide announcements for newer posts. I hope you enjoy it!
      Episode 1: Project Blue
      Episode 2: KUBO 3
      Episode 3: Anguna Zero
      Episode 4: Trophy
      Episode 5: Rollie
      Episode 6: Jay & Silent Bob: Mall Brawl
      Episode 7: Quest Arrest
      Episode 8: The Assembly Line
      Episode 9: 8-Bit Xmas 2020
      Episode 10: Space Raft
      Episode 11: From Below
      Episode 12: Yeah Yeah Beebiss II
      Episode 13: What Remains
    • By Bubbapauls
      This is a work in progress. I'm sure there are some missing club caps. Help is appreciated so if you see anything missing or have good pictures I would be glad to add them.

      Super Power Club Caps
      Donkey Kong Country (10)        
      Donkey Kong Country 2 (8)        
      Earthbound (7)    
      Greatest Games of All Time Super Power Club Caps (8)        
      Jelly Slammers 1 (5)        
      Jelly Slammers 2 (6)            
      Jelly Slammers 3 (6)        
      Killer Instinct (10 + 1 Slammer) Nintendo Power Sheet (Silver Slammer)    
      Killer Instinct (10 + 1 Slammer) Super Power Club Sheet (Red Slammer)
      Killer Instinct Frogs (8)    
      Legend of Zelda (8+1 Slammer)    
      Mario Club Caps (8)        
      Mega Man X (14)    
      Stunt Race FX (8)        
      Super Mario World 2: Yoshi's Island (8)        
      Super Metroid (8)        
      Super Punch Out! (16 + 1 Slammer)        
      Virtual Boy (5)


      Donkey Kong Country (10)    
      # 1 King K. Rool
      # 2 Klump
      # 3 Krusha
      # 4 Kritter
      # 5 Cranky Kong
      # 6 Candy Kong
      # 7 Donkey Kong Country DK Barrel
      # 8 Funky Kong
      # 9 Donkey Kong
      # 10 Diddy Kong
      Donkey Kong Country 2 (8)
      # 1 
      # 2 
      # 3 
      # 4 
      # 5 
      # 6 
      # 7 
      # 8 

      Earthbound (7)    
      # 1    
      # 2    
      # 3    
      # 4    
      # 5    
      # 6    
      # 7    

      Greatest Games of All Time Super Power Club Caps (8)    
      # 1 Mario
      # 2 Fulgore
      # 3 Samus Aran
      # 4 Yoshi
      # 5 Kirby
      # 6 Link
      # 7 Andross
      # 8 Donkey Kong

      Jelly Slammers 1 (5)  
      # 1 Donkey Kong Country    

      # 2 Killer Instinct    

      # 3 Super Metroid    

      # 4 Super Punch Out!    

      # 5 Zelda  

      Jelly Slammers 2 (6)
      # 1 Donkey Kong
      # 2 Diddy Kong
      # 3 Spinal
      # 4 Fulgore
      # 5 Yoshi
      # 6 Mario

      Jelly Slammers 3 (6)
      # 1 Fulgore
      # 2 Spinal
      # 3 Pink Yoshi & Baby Mario - Yellow Background - SMW2
      # 4 Yoshi & Baby Mario - Blue Background - SMW2
      # 5 Dixie Kong
      # 6 Diddy Kong

      Killer Instinct (10 + 1 Slammer) Nintendo Power Sheet  
      # 1 Fulgore
      # 2 Jago
      # 3 TJ Combo
      # 4 Chief Thunder
      # 5 Spinal
      # 6 Riptor
      # 7 Glacius
      # 8 B. Orchid
      # 9 Saber Wulf
      # 10 Killer Instinct Logo
      # 11 Silver (KI) Slammer    

      Killer Instinct (10+1 Slammer) Super Power Club Sheet
      # 1 Fulgore
      # 2 Jago
      # 3 TJ Combo
      # 4 Chief Thunder
      # 5 Spinal
      # 6 Riptor
      # 7 Glacius
      # 8 B. Orchid
      # 9 Werewolf
      # 10 Meltdown
      # 11 Red (KI) Slammer
      Killer Instinct Frogs
      # 1 Fulgore
      # 2 Riptor
      # 3 Glacius
      # 4 Saber Wolf
      # 5 Jago
      # 6 Spinal
      # 7 Orchid
      # 8 Thunder

      Legend of Zelda (8+1 Slammer)
      # 1    
      # 2    
      # 3    
      # 4    
      # 5    
      # 6    
      # 7    
      # 8  
      # 9 Plastic Triforce Slammer 

      Mario Club Caps (8)
      # 1 Mario
      # 2 Yoshi
      # 3 Wario
      # 4 Wart
      # 5 Mouser
      # 6 Bowser
      # 7 Koopa Troopa
      # 8 Roy Koopa

      Mega Man X (15)
      Mega Man had three sheets to complete the set.    
      # 1    
      # 2    
      # 3    
      # 4    
      # 5    
      # 6    
      # 7    
      # 8    
      # 9    
      # 10    
      # 11    
      # 12    
      # 13    
      # 14
      # 15

      Stunt Race FX (8)    
      # 1    
      # 2    
      # 3    
      # 4    
      # 5    
      # 6    
      # 7    
      # 8 
      Super Mario World 2: Yoshi's Island (8)    
      # 1    
      # 2    
      # 3    
      # 4    
      # 5    
      # 6    
      # 7    
      # 8    

      Super Metroid (8)    
      # 1    
      # 2    
      # 3    
      # 4    
      # 5    
      # 6    
      # 7    
      # 8    

      Super Punch Out! (16 + 1 Slammer)    
      # 1 Gabby Jay    
      # 2 Bear Hugger    
      # 3 Piston Hurricane    
      # 4 Bald Bull    
      # 5 Bob Charlie    
      # 6 Dragon Chan    
      # 7 Masked Muscle    
      # 8 Mr. Sandman    
      # 9 Aran Ryan    
      # 10 Heikie Kagero    
      # 11 Mad Clown    
      # 12 Super Macho Man    
      # 13 Narcis Prince    
      # 14 Hoy Quarlow    
      # 15 Rick Bruiser    
      # 16 Nick Bruiser    
      # 17 Boxing Glove Slammer  
      Virtual Boy (5)
      # 1 Mario's Tennis
      # 2 Teleroboxer
      # 3 Virtual Boy
      # 4 Galactic Pinball
      # 5 Picture of Virtual Boy Unit
      @Ferris Bueller
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