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Is there a 'console intro' that you are partial to?

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I am not sure why but I have always really enjoyed the Dreamcast logo intro. It's just pretty calm. Any that you guys dig?    

Nintendo Gamecube https://youtu.be/CpmYW-gCSy4

The original Playstation.   I had a modded one, and when it got to that second sound with the "SCEA" screen you knew your burned disc would work.

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10 hours ago, CMR said:

NES and SNES because they don't have one.  Get out of the way and let me play my game.

You're missing the point of this thread.  The point is to embrace the induced Stockholm Syndrome that was waiting for a mini-computer to have to start up, load driver data and get running.

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Dreamcast, Gamecube, PS1, Xbox OG, GB/GBA, and Saturn are etched into my mind permanently and kudos to the designers to making memorable intros. However, the one theme I am partial to the most is the Sega CD, both 1 and 2 models. I got both my models that needed repair and getting the intro to pop up was such a reward for fixing theme.

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Absolutely ps1!!

Followed by Dreamcast, xbox then ps2 and gamecube

I have a SCPH - 1001 ps1 hooked up as my cd player in my home stereo setup for fun (but it's a really good cd player actually!) there is nothing more glorious than hearing the start up sound boom out the speakers. Ooof.

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