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Selling a friends virtual boy set. I helped him build this over a number of years, but now he has decided to sell.

The console has the original stand (non repo jewel), original visor and a solder repaired headset (lines should never come back).

Comes with controller/battery pack and the Japanese wall plug in with original box(uses a NES Power brick to work).

Comes with the following Games

Jack Bro’s 

Water World

TeleroBoxer (With original Box and Manual)

Panic Bomber


Nesters Funky Bowling

Marios Tennis

Wario Land


Red Alarm

Virtual League Baseball

Vertical Force

Vertical Force (Japanese)

Galactic Pinball

Mario Clash

Gundam Dimension War (Reproduction with box and manual)

Bound High (Reproduction with box and manual)

Insmouse no Yakata (Japanese)

Looking for $1500 shipped in USA or best offer.










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If your friend decides to break up the set I need Jack Bros and Waterworld to complete mine. I’d rather not pay the eBay up charge to buy them there and I’m sure your friend won’t either. 

PM me if that happens!

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I could get off my tail and sell a bunch of my stuff, I really would put down the cash for this.  I got a lot of top shelf PS1 stuff to sell though.  I've been wanting/thinking about getting a complete VB set for a while.  Is your friend in need of cash, or is he wanting to move his collection in a different direction?

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