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"NEW" 3ds xl cib with games and some assecories $120 shipped!. links Awakening $32 shipped played once!

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I am selling everything as a lot. The system its self is in great condition, one very fine scratch on the bottom screen. Comes with a hard protective animal crossing case, animal crossing charms on a lanyard, an animal crossing soft case. And Animal crossing new leaf and Animal crossing happy designer(with card reader). As well as amiibo cards including the rare sterling card. f you have any questions feel free to ask for additional pictures. It was well cared for by my fiance. I am asking only $120 shipped!!!!!







For links awakening I am asking $32 SHIPPED!!!! its only been played once and is mint!









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    • By Joyomofrobro
      This is my picture that has gone unnoticed for Zelda reaching the 35 year mark, posted on pages. Taken by me February 21st the other day thought someone might like to see, edit!

    • By Zilch
      Hi everybody.
      I have some complete in box N64 games and a lot of manuals/inserts for sale. For the manuals and inserts I’m taking just offers/trades, N64 games are for sale and have prices listed. All N64 game prices include shipping and tracking. I’m willing to do trades as well and have provided a trade list under the game prices. Will consider shipping discounts if multiple items are purchased.
      Will ship anywhere in the United States from Chalfont, Pa, 18914. International is possible too, but will need to talk about additional shipping costs.
      I was on Nintendoage for the last year but only had about 8 feedback, all of them were from buying unfortunately I missed my chance to sell on the site. I usually use eBay and I’ll leave my store link below too if anybody is interested in the other stuff I sell. I post lots of games and toys there too and have at least 3350+ positive feedback right now.
      Also very important: I’m also posting a lot more of my complete in box, manuals,boxes, and near mint games on ebay over the next couple of months. I’m making everything listed on here exclusive but if anybody is looking for anything else send me a pm and I'll send a list for more stuff.
      Thank you for looking and have a great day.
      For Sale:
      The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of TIme Collector’s Edition - $300 ( Barely used and slight damage on the bottom of the manual, but overall in great condition)
      The Legend of Zelda: Majora’s Mask Collector’s Edition - $270 ( Barely used and slight bend in the manual, but overall in great condition)
      Resident Evil 2 N64 - $160 ( Used and slight damage to box and manual, but overall in good condition)
      Manuals and Inserts for NES,SNES,N64,Gamcube,GB,GBC, GBA, Virtual Boy, and Genesis
      All manuals and inserts are For Offer/For Trade. They are all used but some are in far better condition then others including some in near mint condition and some with noticeable damage. If anybody needs photos message me and I'll send them asap.
      Each of them will differ in price due to condition and rarity, and I'll accept offers if you buy multiple items.
      Trade List (I’m looking for):
      NES (All cart only)
      Adventures of Lolo 3
      Arkista's Ring
      Bubble Bobble Part 2
      Cowboy Kid
      Dragon Fighter
      G.I. Joe: A Real American Hero
      Gun Nac
      Isolated Warrior
      Krazy Kreatures
      Robin Hood
      Super Spy Hunter
      SNES (All cart only)
      King of Dragons
      Metal Warriors
      Pocky and Rocky 2
      SOS (Not think or swim)
      N64 (CIB)
      Paper Mario
      Gamecube (CIB)
      Viewtful Joe Hot Rumble
      Wii (CIB)
      Ivy the Kiwi?
      Pikmin 2 Motion Controls 
      DS (CIB)
      Retro Game Challenge 1 
      Retro Game Challenge 2 
      Sega Genesis (Cart only unless listed)
      Alisia Dragoon
      Shinobi 3
      Splatterhouse 3 (CIB or with Box)
      Strider Returns
      Sega CD (CIB)
      Mansion of Hidden Souls
      Sega Saturn (CIB)
      Guardian Heroes
      Dreamcast (CIB)
      Gunbird 2
      Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure (Also looking for the Playstation Version)
      Sonic Adventure 2
      Stupid Invaders
      Playstation 1 (CIB)
      LSD Dream Sim
      Devil Dice
      Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure (Also looking for Dreamcast Version)
      Jumping Flash 2
      Klonoa Door to Phantomile
      Power Shovel
      Strider 2
      Tron Bonne
      Playstation 2
      Ape Escape 3 (CIB)
      Gitroo Man (CIB)
      Mister Mosquito (CIB)
      Sega JVC eye Official Power Adapter

    • By DScapades
      I have noticed that there really isn’t a comprehensive list of all the Nintendo DS games that came bundled with bonus items, so I have started a compendium of sorts in this video as a reference for anyone interested in DS bundles and variants. Some of them are pretty common but there are a few that I know are extremely rare. 
      let me know if you have any bundles I didn’t include.
    • By DScapades
      Hello, my name is Cliff. I’ve been collecting video games pretty hardcore for the past 7 years, but have recently been getting into Nintendo DS games. 
      I have started a YouTube channel where I review and make fun of rare and obscure Nintendo DS games in an informative way. I go pretty in depth with DS collecting. Please check it out 
      let me know if you have a gaming YouTube channel so I can follow you back!

    • By timfsu2k
      Has anyone seen this cover variant before?  According to Zelda Dungeon it was a special variant cover made just for The Game Zone.  Was that a game store similar to Babbage's or the like?  
      Anyway, just came across this recently and I can't really find any others out there.  I only found one picture online and that was the Zelda Dungeon writeup.  Is this a pretty scarce item or are my Google Fu skills just that bad?

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