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FS/FO: NES-Switch games, PS1 Games, EVO CIB, Bomberman Party Pak

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First time posting since the evolution from NA. I will be posting more stuff in the next few days as well.

Shipping is from Canada, but prices are in USD and do not include shipping.

Bundle deals available and if you would like board pics or more detailed ones just let me know!



Super Mario Bros 3 (CIB) - $40

SNES (CIB unless noted)
Vegas Stakes(Sealed) - $20
EVO  - $450
Super Bomberman Party Pak - $200

Take all 3 for $600



GameCube (CIB unless noted)
Zelda Collectors Edition - $60 
Need for Speed Carbon - $10
Sonic Mega Collection - $10
NHL Hitz 2003 - $15
Wrestlemania $15

Take all GC for $85

Wii (CIB unless noted)
Castlevania Judgment $10
Deca Sports $5
Last Story Limited Edition $70
Last Story Limited Edition(sealed w/soundtrack) $150
My Personal Golf Trainer $25
Tiger Woods PGA Tour 11 $10
We Love Golf $10
Wii Fit $5
Wii Sports (cardboard sleeve) $20
Wii Sports (disc only) $15
Wii Sports Resort $20
Wii Sports Resort (disc only) $15
Mario Kart Wii (disc only) $20

Take all Wii(except sealed last story) for $150

Wii U (CIB unless noted)
Zelda Windwaker HD $25
Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate $10
Rayman Legends $10
Super Smash Bros $10
Mario Kart 8 (disc only) $15
Take all for $60

Pokemon Sword $45

Devil Survivor 2 $25
Lunar Knights(No manual) $25







Arc the Lad(game is sealed) - $150
Brave Fencer Musashi $90
Chocobos Dungeon 2 $50
Crash Bandicoot 2 $10
Crash Bandicoot Warped $10
Final Fantasy VII $30
Final Fantasy VIII $15
Final Fantasy IX $15
Final Fantasy Anthology $20
Final Fantasy Chronicles $25
Final Fantasy Origins $20
Grand Theft Auto Collectors $40
Legend of Dragoon $40
Legend of Legaia $60
Lunar 1 $100
Lunar 2 $180
Medievil $35
Medievil 2 $40
Mega Man X4 $15
Mega Man X5 $20
Mega Man X6 $25
Mega Man 8 $15
NBA In the Zone $10
Spyro $15
Spyro 2 $15
Spyro 3 $15
Syphon Filter $10
Thrasher $25
Tony Hawk $15
Tony Hawk 2 $15
Worms World Party $10
Xenogears $80

Take all remaining PS1 for $800


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