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RISK SIGN UPS - Always looking for new players! Join now! :)

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This is not spam, thought it might come off as it as first. So, a buddy i play on XBOX with informed me about this website that hosts a game that is basically identical to RISK online. Here is the lin

@Mega TankI will take a spot in Game 3 (FFA)!   MERRY CHRISTMAS, ALL!

ok, I'll play.

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18 hours ago, Mega Tank said:

@Mega Tank







Invites sent for game 2! I accidentally made the game for 7 players, so we can use one more or once we all join we can just request an adjustment of players like we did one other time. 

Also looking for game 1, 3, 4 and 5! Sign up while you can! 

Hey Mega, I was only interested in Game 3.  I will pass on Game 2!  Thanks for the invite, though.

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Wow that was bad@$$ fan. GG

Really digging duos.  Maybe I’ll give FOW a shot.  I like the concept of capitals but it feels like whoever gets the first knockout just rolls the rest of the board.  Maybe it would work better on a bigger board or cap the number of players to just 4 or 5 on the tighter boards like Europe?

@Mega Tanki guess let’s go all in.  Put me in games 1,3,4, and 5

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