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Complete Philips CDi US longbox release set and rarity guide

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I shared this a while back on another Forum and with the CDi community, but also wanted to post it here given the mild CDi interest that the Nintendo connection can sometimes lead to. The earliest CDi releases in the US came in very nice hard plastic longboxes with outer cardboard sleeves. When I realized there wasn't any full list of them to be found, I decided to go for the full set and be the person who would verify them all. As far as I can tell, there's 97 different US longbox CDi releases. This was a surprisingly fun set to go for and to my knowledge I'm the only person to have accomplished this set. In addition to sharing this list and a short guide, I wanted to see if anyone here knows of any longbox releases that I missed. I hope you all enjoy this information!

As with any other collection, there are several titles that are vastly more difficult to find than others, rare due to low print runs, poor sales, or some other reasons. The following are the 10 rarest US Philips CDi longbox releases, in order of their rarity. If anyone reading this decides to go for the set, these are the ones that you should be willing to buy entire large lots just to obtain. You will be waiting a very long time for them to come up for sale by themselves, if they ever do.

  1. Anne Willan Presents The Food of France. This the rarest CDi longbox title, and one of the rarest US CDi releases period. It did have an overseas release.
  2. The ACT College Search '92. US exclusive CDi. This was also released only in longbox format. Easily the 2nd rarest longbox CDi.
  3. CD-I Music Book: Classical Guitar Volume 1. This is different than the other, more common Classical Guitar title. Very rare, possibly a variant.
  4. David and Goliath. The rarest of several rare religious CDi titles. Fairly expensive, too.
  5. Berenstain Bears: On Their Own and You On Your Own. Not tough to find in regular jewel-case format, but rare in longbox format.
  6. Sailing: A Guide to Sailing and Seamanship. Still available on Amazon, but it never came up on Ebay in over a year of searching.
  7. The Flowers of Robert Mapplethorpe. Possibly the most expensive longbox title. Cinemassacre has an amusing video of this CDi. While this CDi is possibly the tamest CDi in terms of content, be warned that Googling about the artist will result in some highly NSFW results. DO NOT look this title up on anything other than your personal device.
  8. More Dark Fables from Aesop. Sequel to The Dark Fables of Aesop. I only saw two copies pop up in over a year.
  9. Moses: The Exodus.
  10. Moses: Bound for the Promised Land.


Now, those are just the rarest 10 CDi longbox format releases in comparison to all the rest of the longbox releases. About half of the other CDi longboxes only have one or two copies available for sale at any one time on Ebay or on Amazon. It does help to type in the name of the CDi, without adding "CDi" or "Philips" when searching for some of these titles on Ebay. There's a stunning amount of very poorly listed copies for otherwise very rare CDi longboxes, and CDis in general.


And at last, the complete alphabetical list of all confirmed 97 Philips CDi US longbox releases:

  1. A National Parks Tour

  2. A Revolution in Color

  3. A Visit to Sesame Street: Letters

  4. A Visit to Sesame Street: Numbers

  5. A Visit to the Valley of the Pueblo and the Amparo Museum

  6. Alice In Wonderland

  7. Anne Willan Presents the Food of France

  8. Backgammon

  9. Battleship

  10. Beauty and the Beast

  11. Brer Rabbit and the Wonderful Tar Baby

  12. Caesar’s World of Gambling

  13. Cartoon Jukebox

  14. CD Shoot

  15. CD-I Music Book: Classical Guitar Volume 1

  16. Children’s Musical Theater

  17. Classical Guitar

  18. Classical Jukebox

  19. Compton’s Interactive Encyclopedia

  20. Connect Four

  21. Cool Oldies Jukebox

  22. Dark Castle

  23. David and Goliath

  24. Defender of the Crown

  25. Dutch Masters of the 17th Century

  26. Earth Rhythms

  27. Escape From the Cyber City

  28. Gardening By Choice: Flowers and Foliage

  29. Gifts to Behold

  30. Girl’s Club

  31. Golden Oldies Jukebox

  32. Harvest of the Sun

  33. How the Camel Got His Hump

  34. How the Rhinoceros Got His Skin

  35. How to Photograph Nature

  36. International Tennis Open

  37. James Brown Nonstop Hit Machine

  38. Jazz Giants

  39. Jazz Guitar

  40. Jigsaw

  41. Laser Lords

  42. Lords of the Rising Sun

  43. Louis Armstrong

  44. More Dark Fables from Aesop

  45. Moses: Bound for the Promised Land

  46. Moses: The Exodus

  47. Mother Goose Hidden Pictures

  48. Mother Goose Rhymes to Color

  49. Mozart: A Musical Biography

  50. Mystic Midway Rest in Pieces

  51. NFL Football Trivia Challenge

  52. Noah’s Ark

  53. Paint School I

  54. Paint School II

  55. Pavarotti

  56. Pecos Bill

  57. Pegasus

  58. Pinball

  59. Power Hitter

  60. Prelude

  61. Rand McNally’s America: U.S. Atlas

  62. Rembrandt: His Art and the Music of His Era

  63. Rhythm Maker

  64. Richard Scarry’s Best Neighborhood Disc

  65. Richard Scarry’s Busiest Neighborhood Disc

  66. Rock Guitar

  67. Sailing: A Guide to Sailing and Seamanship

  68. Sandy’s Circus Adventure

  69. Sargon Chess

  70. Stamps: Windows on the World

  71. Stickybear Reading

  72. Story Machine: Magic Tales

  73. Story Machine: Star Dreams

  74. Tell Me Why I

  75. Tell Me Why II

  76. Tetris

  77. Text Tiles

  78. The ACT College Search ‘92

  79. The Art of the Czars

  80. The Berenstain Bears: On Their Own and You On Your Own

  81. The Best of Draw 50

  82. The Dark Fables of Aesop

  83. The Emperor’s New Clothes

  84. The Flowers of Robert Mapplethorpe

  85. The French Impressionists

  86. The Palm Springs Open

  87. The Renaissance Gallery

  88. The Renaissance of Florence

  89. The Riches of Coins

  90. The Story of Jonah

  91. The Story of Samson

  92. The World of Impressionism

  93. Time Life Photography

  94. Treasures of the Smithsonian

  95. Video Speedway

  96. You Sing Christmas Favorites

  97. Zombie Dinos from the Planet Zeltoid


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As someone that has virtually zero knowledge of the cd-I, is this a set of all releases?  Or is it like the PlayStation where they switched to regular cd cases after a while.

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