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When he was creating his previous small game for the NESmaker Byte-Off 2019 competition, my son had lots of ideas that he would have liked to incorporate into his entry game. However, due to lack of time, he wrote everything down and told me that it would be for the next game... that how was created KUBO 3.

The game takes up the adventures of the cowboy turtle where the previous episode ended. The Evil Mole kidnapped the villagers... and Kubo will have to find 4 sacred objects in order to free them.

game00.png game2.png img [img Kubo-3-NESmaker.png

It took my son Seiji almost a year to make this game. As usual, we mostly worked on it for a few days during school holidays or on rainy weekends.
He wanted to finish it before our February vacations because he wanted to hand it to Joe Granato, the creator of NESmaker (on a short trip to Florida for a few days).

(Joe Granato & Seiji - Feb 15th 2020)

We hope you will enjoy this little game as we had fun making it.

Tools used: NESmaker, Paint.NET, Notepad++, famitracker
Soundtrack: Raftronaut


2020-07-01 minor cosmetic adjustments (bushes, cemetery level) for the cart version to come
2020-04-24 fixed the death issues (in the under water level) and small modifications to balance the game
2020-04-12 small modification (the graphics on the Castle door tile was not the correct ones)
2020-03-27 added english/french languages support, fixed a few issues to make the game more coherent/balanced
2020-03-04 fixed/moved some tiles in the overworld that could get the player stuck in solid tiles when entering some screens




Gameplay video:


Physical NES cartridge complete in box (this summer):
(for pre-orders, contact me on PM or emails, Twitter, FB,...)


Cart only version is also still available:


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When he was creating his previous small game for the NESmaker Byte-Off 2019 competition, my son had lots of ideas that he would have liked to incorporate into his entry game. However, due to lack of t

Just wanted to share some photos of the current state (thank you Broke Studio):    

This weekend, we finished the new label and the box (for the physical release planned for... soon) Now, working on the manual...  

Posted Images

I gave the game a shot and collected two pieces. I'm an english speaker, but know enough spanish to somewhat understand the text in the game.

All was good, but I traveled from one screen going down south and then appeared on this screen and got stuck on the rock. It's a soft lock. If you do an official release on Kickstarter or something then you probably want to fix this. 


But overall pretty decent. Music is pretty fun to listen to also. And the cut scene at the start was really impressive.

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Thank you, erockbrox, for having played and for your precious feedbacks. my son designed most of the screens, and I tested and tried to fix all those  screen to screen collision issues I could find. I guess, I missed some of them 😛


PS: We will not make KS... the game might stay on a very limited run, for friends / family and people who really want one physical copy.

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