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Which Homebrew Games Are Good (Redux)

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I feel very strongly the NES has a lot more life to give new gameplay ideas, I would never discredit anyone trying to attempt to try something new. In fact, I think this pursuit is the most admirable in all of homebrew, when it works... 

Personally I feel there is something to be said for striving to provide the player with intuitive controls out of the gate. Part of the duty of a game dev is to slowly teach the player how to play the game. When a new control scheme is suddenly dropped on me and I can't figure it out in 2-3 minutes i'll give up and move on with my busy day, not to say I won't come back to it, but it does stiffen that barrier of entry. Oftentimes my game playing time is down to 15-20 minutes a day, that might speak more about the nature of my opinion on this, but I'd rather spend that time on gameplay than getting frustrated on controls... Striking a balance of these two things seems to be the ultimate goal in my humble opinion.




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