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help needed repro wai wai 1 + 2

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Hi Guys,

Somebody here who can explain to me how I have to rewire these ones to make them English?

I already programmed chr and prg and I have a famicom to nes converter

A normal repro I can make, but with konami boards I have no clue...

Hope someone can help me out here

big thx!



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Look for your game's mapper: http://tuxnes.sourceforge.net/nesmapper.txt

Locate the pinout of the mapper chip present on your board. (VRC2 for example: https://wiki.nesdev.com/w/index.php/VRC2_pinout

Locate the Pinout of the NES or Famicom cart edge: https://wiki.nesdev.com/w/index.php/Cartridge_connector

Use a multimeter in continuity mode to compare the pins of the mask roms (PRG/CHR) to the cart edge and mapper to assign them their values. You need to account for the CE chip enable, OE (output enable), Power pins, Address lines (A01, A02, A03, A04, etc etc), The Data Lines (D01, D02, D03, etc etc), and other such pins. 

Once you have the pinout of your mask rom, you compare it with the pinouts of your EPROM or EEPROM. If the pin positions differ, you would wire that pin the the corresponding position on the PCB that matches. 

Many NES maskroms have been shown to match closely to their EPROM counterparts, but they usually are not exactly the same. 

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