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Wata 9.2 A+ equals to what VGA???

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7 hours ago, jonebone said:

I don't know what I tend to like on Wata anymore.  I thought it was 9.6 / A+ but I've seen a bit of play in that grade too. 

Care to elaborate on play?  Is your comment directed at disc based games/Genesis? I’d be interested to know if its towards cardboard as my expérience so far has been that 9.6 cardboard Are pretty way, WAY better than 9.4 and pretty damn close to mint, where a tiny flaw could be perceived with a naked eye but not immediately. If yours differ id appreciate the input.

9.4 is, to put it mildly, relatively « wide » condition wise...

to the OP: statistically 9.2A+ scores between 85 and 85+

edit: thinking on this further, i can think of 2 submissions that had visible flaws on the front of the box and graded 9.6 even though everything else was flawless, so you may be right even for cardboard Jone... your input would still be appreciated.

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