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Removing Metal Foil anti-theft sticker off a sealed game

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I had a sealed mario rpg with a toys r us r’ zone sticker. This is a metal foil sticker, the kind most people would not attempt to remove.


I decided I would like to try to remove it. I started off with a good fingernail (if you don’t have one, wait a few weeks)

I got the majority of the sticker off and was left with some foil that left behind, glue residue, and cellophane stretch marks.


after using goo gone and more fingernailing I had the sticker completely removed but had still stretch marks on the shrink wrap.

I made a cardboard heatshield so only the shrink wrap area that was stretched would get heat, i tried a hair dryer but couldnt get it to shrink up. Maybe with a heat gun someone could have better luck. I decided to try a lighter and magic happened.

I assume there is a fine line between magic and oh shit there is a hole in the plastic so I recommend not trying if you are not confident, also i would avoid putting a lighter anywhere near a factory vent hole as it may grow much larger.


I’ll leave this thread with some photos so you can see the results yourself.


hopefully this will help someone with a similar situation. I am sure some people are perfectly happy leaving stickers on aswell especially for the nostalgia.17D8AE2E-5D69-4EBC-ACF4-3C4FEA46E259.thumb.jpeg.2ca6102d2aff346daeb32707be5ba82a.jpeg11C4FF50-6BCE-462E-8011-3C62FF7947E0.thumb.jpeg.03973ea9ea7bfc567a69db46f20e67a7.jpegE1678708-C17B-4053-A746-1B283580947B.thumb.jpeg.be6e3ff6bd92e7b0f3a5634f2829b80f.jpeg

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I had a sealed mario rpg with a toys r us r’ zone sticker. This is a metal foil sticker, the kind most people would not attempt to remove.   I decided I would like to try to remove it. I sta

But Toys R Us is not around anymore. You've removed a piece of history. 😁

I would have just left it on to be honest. You took a big risk in damaging the shrinkwrap. Those anti theft stickers are mean.

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I hate those security stickers... Circuit City ones seem to be the worst. Very impressed you were able to get that off without compromising the wrap seal. Well done. 

Have to be careful with boxed games and goo gone in that if there is any tear/venthole in the wrap it can get in and damage the cardboard.

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I have to find the pics... I did this once with a sealed copy of Klonoa for GBA, it had a really nasty security sticker right on the front. I applied a ton of Bestine around the sticker, then very carefully got my nail underneath it and kept adding Bestine as I loosened it. I was able to remove it and then clean the remaining residue without damaging the seal at all. 

Like you said though, I wouldn't recommend anyone do this. I certainly would not recommend that anyone start lifting it before applying copious amounts of Bestine (or Goo Gone but I always discourage using that). 

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19 minutes ago, Jim Jimmer said:

Good job! My best removal was a security bar code with some foil Underneath on my sealed king of dragon. Took 20minutes but   I downed the bastard. Shrinkwrap is ok although a bit loose. Looks much cleaner!

take a lighter to the loose part, that was my main victory that I wanted to share

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On 1/10/2020 at 2:20 PM, RH said:

I've seen this bubble up over here, but didn't pay much attention until now.  That was so ballsy.

I recommend getting a heat gun that you can set the temp on if you are going to attempt something like this again.  They aren't that expensive.

who knows maybe i would have failed with the heat gun, the lighter works. but I do mention the heat gun in my original post.

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Wow, you got some cajones pulling that off (pun intended). haha. I probably would have left it on, as it didn't cover up anything too crucial. I tend to think these types of stickers give a game some provenance as well, as long as they're not covering up a lot of artwork/copy. 


EDIT: I swear I used the word "cajones" before i saw that fcgamer had! haha

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