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Help Wanted? Ask Tech and Repair Questions for Solid State to Modern Machines Here.

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    • By CPearson87
      Please help, I am looking for someone that does soldering repairs, I sent out my neo geo aes to have a unibios installed and it came back non-functional as the person lifted a few pads off. Is there anyone else that offers a soldering service to do some jumpers from the chip to the trace? Thank you
    • By Nes Freak
      Over 500 Virtual boy consoles repaired between PlanetVB Nintendoage and ebay! with a 100% satisfaction!

      I use high grade hakko solder equipment with a micro soldering iron, microscope, and leaded solder to repair your console! I've been soldering for over 15 years!
      If you have further issues with your console pm me. I can fix more than just the displays.

      ~~(Price for solder fix)~~

      For 44.99 by Paypal will cover one virtual boy console or both displays. Shipping cost details are below. If you have two consoles its 89.98

      I'll also clean your console of dirt and dust and shine it up including buffing the red lenses (if needed) as a free bonus.

      ~~(Return Shipping cost and packing instructions)~~

      1 VB console with 200 insurance is (17.99) USPS medium flat rate. (no insurance is 14.35)

      2 VB consoles 400 insurance is (25.99) USPS large flat rate. (no insurance 19.99)

      Displays: with 200 insurance is (10.49) USPS small flat rate. insurance increases per pair of displays. (price varies)
      (no insurance 7.99)

      Displays (basic shipping):
      bubble mailer well packed, no insurance 4.49

      A console fits in a medium flat rate and 2 console in a large flat rate box via usps.

      Displays can be taped inside a CD case and mail via bubble mailer or in a small flat rate box.
      displays must be in paper towels as they're static sensitive!

      The screw driver to take apart your console is dirt cheap from china if you want to save some money via shipping
      https://www.ebay.com/sch/i.html?_from= ... w+Driver&_sacat=0&_sop=15

      Please Note:
      I recommend you insure your Console/displays. If your console/displays gets damaged or lost in shipping.
      I will not cover your item.

      Please only send your head unit. the visor can be removed by pulling on it. don't forget your game in the console.
      I can get the repair done with in 2 to 5 days of receiving your console.

      send me a PM here and i will answer you ASAP!

      Having this repair done will greatly increase the lifespan and value of your console. All non fixed VB console will fail over time. My work can be seen below. thank you for your interest!

    • By Makar
      These are dark times. You may have lost your job, you might not have enough money to pay the bills, you might be sick or know someone who has the virus. You might have terrible anxiety. You might feel worthless or feel like you're not pulling your own weight. You might have fear of the unknown. You might be paranoid.
      Whatever you're feeling, the point of this thread is to help you get through these tough times. Post positive things to cheer each other up. If you need help in any way, please ask. I like to think we as a community can help. 
      I'll start with a silly Pokemon joke I made up, and a funny video.
      Why did the Wobbuffet cross the road? Wynaut?
      Sock puppet eating cars quarantine video:
    • By PandaLudos
      I remember playing my gameboy almost every day when i was younger (back in the early 2000's). One game that I remember really enjoying was a racing game (I'm fairly certain it was a futuristic one, like wipeout) where, when you crashed your vehicle, sad, violin music would begin to play, and you'd be forced to restart. If anyone knows what game I'm refering to, please let me know what it's called. I've done the best I can to find it myself, but, as you might've guessed, have failed. All help is appreciated; thanks in advance.
    • By RetroMichel
      Hello VGS !
      I've had a Dreamcast for about two years now and it has started having a few problems lately. First, every time I start the console, it asks me what is the time. I know it is possible to fix this issue by changing the battery inside the console, but I have absolutely zero experience welding. Also, some games are freezing up, some won't boot up and I tell you, my discs are in pristine condition. I guess this would be because of the laser lens, which is not working properly anymore.
      I would gladly take your advices and even your services if someone can check up my Dreamcast console and fix everything that needs to be repaired. I do want to repair my console instead of buying a new one. I did not touch the laser lens yet: can you clean it without damaging it ?
      Thanks, guys !
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