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FS: Homebrews and Translations

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I had a post up on nintendoage before it went down.  Looking to sell off my homebrews and tranlations.  Not really sure on pricing as I have not be able to find a decent price list.  If you are interested in any, please get in touch and we can work out a deal.


Images here:



Please let me know if the images do not work.


Airball boxed from Retrozone

Bio Force Ape Cinematic Bazaar

Bio Miracle Baby Upa

Chunkout 2 Japanese

Crossfire Coinheaven

Devil World 6 of 25

Digdug 7 of 35

Donkey Kong Pie in Yo Face Edition #1

Dragon Scroll Coinheaven 5 of 40

Earthbound NES game/box/manual from UncleTusk

Eggerland Tin Case 18 of 30

Final Fantasy II NES TimeWalk

Fire Emblem Gaiden English Translation

Free Fall 27 of 250

Ghostbusters II 11 of 30

Goonies 1 Reproduction from JohnnyPhantom 8 of 25

Gradius II (coinheaven)

Happy Camper 32 of 250

Hoppin Mad Tin Case 32 of 100

Kitty’s Catch 20 of 100

Makai Island

Mario's Adventure Tin Case

Mike Ditka (have 2 copies – 25 and 54 of 250)

Mike Ditka (have 2 copies – 25 and 54 of 250)

Mr. Gimmick (Retrozone w/ Tusk Box)

Punchout Gold 1 of 5

Sneek N Peek 11 of 100

Splatterhouse 2010 Celebration Edition from JohnnyPhantom 15 of 20


Summer Carnival Recca Reproduction

Super Pitfall II Tin Case 57 of 100

Sweet Home TimeWalk Sealed

The California Raisins - UncleTusk

Tic Tac X/O

Zelda Outlands TimeWalk Sealed


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