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What's new in your collection/Pick-up Thread !!!

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Buncha pickups, some bought some swapped for. @Mr. CIB helped me get Disaster Report 4. 


Traded a few things for Snowboard Kids. It's a former rental copy, pretty beat up, but it's all there! Was surprised to land that in a trade. The Bible Game and Zapper were eluding me for a while, finally found someone on Facebook selling both for a good price. The Final Fantasy's all came in one haul, and I apologize for not putting them in the right order. Was working too quickly!


Upgraded my Metroid Samus Returns and Theaterhythm to the soundtrack bundle versions. 


I said I wouldn't collect NGPC games and I'm sticking to that but I needed Pac-Man for the limiter rings. Also I got a sealed Mario Sports Superstars Amiibo card to complete the game in my collection and I finally got Katie! Took forever to find someone with that one for trade. 


I also picked up like 95 issues of Nintendo Power and a bunch more Amiibo cards. 

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Friday night I picked up my biggest game purchase ever: 389 CIB (there are 3 that doesn't have the manuals) games in total for Gameboy, Gameboy Color and Gameboy Advance. There are duplicates that I'm

Down to needing only 2 more games for a complete Famicom Disk System BOXED collection.

Starting the year off good! In 2018 I found an NES M8 locally for $300 (from a game store no less). Today my wife found a Genesis demo unit on Marketplace for $40! Unfortunately I don't have a model 1

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27 minutes ago, Jicsan said:

What is that Diamond Trust of London?  I've never seen that one.

It's a weird little strategy game that was basically self-published by the two dudes on the back of the case: 


The publisher, indiePub, was actually an innovative concept for allowing people to self-publish games, from Zoo Publishing. I don't know of any other games that came out of it. This one had a Kickstarter that raised enough to do it.  EDIT: This is wrong. Totally wrong. indiePub was for PC/mobile games, it used to be called Zoo but they pivoted their model and along the way somehow they ended up publishing this but they didn't publish any other console games during that time. 

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Interesting mix from the past couple weeks. Two of the Parodius games are not in the condition I was expecting so I will probably sell and upgrade. And after playing the four FPS PS1 games, I was very surpised with Dark Forces amazing controls, but am on the fence about whether Disruptor and Quake 2 are for me.




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Blade of steel - 22$ mint ebay. Very happy for the collection!

Lego set directly from the store..

Killer instinct needed the cart and manual to complete my Snes console Killer Instinct bundle.. 

Secret of Evermore soundtrack sealed 25$ Ebay. Seller still has over 30 of it..!


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I finally got my copy of Streets of Rage 4 to add to my ever growing switch collection:


I also had some spare time in the afternoon, so I ran over to Salavation army to see if there was anything worth picking up. And there was nothing. Not even a single GameCube sports title. Even the PS2 they had there about a week ago was gone. The only thing worth noting at the store was this NES clone system that I found. It was a little beat up, and it didn’t have a power supply, so I didn’t want to chance the 5 dollars. I already have one at home, that is also missing the power supply.


Surprisingly, this store has had good stuff in before, usually at an auction which they had every month or so. I picked up my NES for roughly 20 dollars about 4-5 years ago from an auction at this same store.

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I picked up this POPILS Variant the other day to add to my Japanese copy, "Magical Puzzle Popils" - Arguably the best game on the game gear and exclusive IIRC.  I'm currently wondering if there will be any differences in game play or presentation, guessing not but who knows?

Popils & Magical Puzzle Popils.png

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Here's my haul for August:



Got a sweet deal on the SNES games from my buddy.  I actually got Little Nemo last month, but it got separated from the others and was hiding in my car for a bit.  Grabbed Kirby because I like Kirby and eventually want to get all the first party GB games.  Maneater is really fun, I recommend if you like the idea of being a shark in an open world rpg.  Got Galak Z/Skulls of the Shogun for Switch at GameStop, they'd marked it down to $10.  Galak-Z is pretty fun, I have it digitally on PS4 already, never played Skulls of the Shogun but will give it  a try.  Anyway, the package/cart is neat with the different ESRBs than the normal single E-T symbol they would usually throw on a collection package.  Plus, physical for life!!  And finally I got the Super Game Boy guide from MiamiSlice, thanks again.  No, I didn't just get it for a bingo square, I want all these earlier first party guides and I didn't have this one yet.  The bingo square just kicked me the pants to go ahead and get it.

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9 hours ago, PII said:

I picked up this POPILS Variant the other day to add to my Japanese copy, "Magical Puzzle Popils" - Arguably the best game on the game gear and exclusive IIRC.  I'm currently wondering if there will be any differences in game play or presentation, guessing not but who knows?


When I was into SMS/GG stuff just a few years back before I did more scaling down I had this, the games are the same so it's just the sticker.  The code itself in the options you can choose to do english or japanese (like SNES Metroid) so your regional variation comes down to stickers and paper.

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1 hour ago, RH said:

God bless Gixen.  Here are my first three won (and delivered) sniped auctions.  Glad to finally knock out the Singer cart and that Daedalian Opus in good condition took a while.

I have one snipe set right now. Usually I have like 40 lowball snipes just in case something falls through the cracks, but after a huge string getting completely blown out by Coronavirus auction losses, I've lost some of my motivation. Congrats on the Singer cart though! Sewing machines! And some shooter I guess.

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So uhh.. I bought some things. Slowly rebuilding my NES collection at the worst time possible but oh well. Can't predict the weather. 

Also knocked off the Ice Blue Gameboy Pocket. I got it in a lot with some decent games. Pokemon blue is a double for me. 


Now all that's left is the Xtreme Green GBP and I'll be out the game. 


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